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Allowing himself to be wilder (and deeper) than the usual routine of "All Hallows Eve", a *crucial artist* (not martial artist) raised the kind of spirited hell that remains largely unexpected and not done even in a liberal center like this city. The short article goes over a wide range of experiences, and gives a link to the "depth charge" he passed out.
this is the basic
this is the basic "masque", though the "regalia" was very different
Hallo Weenie Wknd '04

pretty WILD it twaz!
Did one action later than i'd wanted (about 8-11:30pm) on Sunday (halloween).

Walked about a mile or so around a pretty dead Hawthorne district, at first. A few peeps around, especially when i entered various businesses or sent out vibes thru windows of such places. Mostly a buncha wild cheerz, and a little handing out of my depth charges, and having interesting conversations.

Then got on me bike and rode over and hung out a bit with a friend. From there i started my planned action more directly, making a point to stop at cafes, an outdoor fire circle, and even going into various bars with my sign and passin out a few flyers ("arted" and non).

Was a bit reluctant to go into downtown PDX, due to so many reports of soldiers, er, cops, coming down on people for any little bullshit excuse these daze; but was glad i did. A few pay-entrance places let me even go in their premises for awhile, either when i was looking for a friend, or when i openly spoke of wanting to go in and just engage people. Door guards were real kewl with this, when i told them i'd only be in for 5 minutes or so.

Fat drunk lady hug, black folks at a rapbar entrance giving out hard vibes, homeless guy *really* into the message (re: "REALIZE THE VALUE OF BEING RADICALLY EXCELLENT WITH EACH OTHER"), T-shirted young dude on a Burnside corner downtown (in roughtown), the 6 or 7 ghostradicals (houseless natives and 1 whiteguy) on a businessporch on 23rd (!) and one triquester amongst them and his "fuck you" venting after i wouldn't give him my sign so he could "look at it" (experience with angry drunks gave me the intuition not to trust his intentions with a sign i had spent hours on arting, in case he felt like tearing it up) and my hyperness flow righty back at him (it was as if he was tryin to scare my punkass, but wasn't able to...; the whiteguy amongst them waiting til i was off "their" porch and then telling me to "GET OFF" it (i realize that they'd long been poisoned by people so didn't take their heavy metal vibes personally)...

How about the door soldiers at a controlled teen klub in roughtown there on Burnside and the one who tried to send his soldier vibe (domineering) but i *blasted* back and derailed him a bit when i countered his challenge to get a non-arted flyer (read not crumpled up) (i was trying to move away quickly, as these soldiers came outside after i tried throwing a flyer into the klub). He had called my arted flyer "shit" or something and i got right on his case about CALLING MY ART SHIT! Heh heh! At least that gave me time to get away from 2 other ucks coming outside and trying to Uck at me.

Those partyers who responded best were the heavymetal/punk/alt types. Top 40 crowds just ignored me--perhaps so enamored to their same old again...? Or my imperfect tactics of engaging them (and not exactly perfect sign texts for that night).

Was able to go into one club (with a $12 fee or somesuch) for free just after a soldier, er, cop car had stopped and appeared to be thinking about soldiering at me. No soldiers asked for i.d. check tho and that s'prised me (my papers are in order tho).

Inside that musichall a devil-masqued female challenged me with:

"But who will listen?"

And I: "You are listening! And we can inspire EACH OTHER in our arting!"


Near end of night spoke a bit with a radical poster of anarchist ideas. Spoke about Venomous Butterfly and he was inclined when i mentioned post-left orientation, to which he happily giggled!

Rode by Powell's Bookstore, and stopped to share my sign with those exiting, and WHO exits first? A most beautiful young man musician i'd met weeks before at a certain poetry reading. Wow!

Another, was when a native lady asked to kiss me (on my masque) and she did and said our meeting wasn't by chance! i agreed, heartily!

Also, stopped by a certain magikal mystery bus-stop where i'd visited with some rather radical (but "normal" appearing) ladies previously (and had told them i'd be dressing wildly) and powerfully inspired them.

These three things totally tripped ME out, but these kinds of things happening (colonized people believe is just "coincidence") have become quite the "norm" in my experience. It's all just really really strange. i call it *what happens when one dares to hike on a self-spiritual path*!

see the flyer passed out at link. Print this out, and/or make your own!
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