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Videos/Photos: Falluja: 5000 were killed by USA chemical weapons

Statement from Falluja:
5000 were killed by USA chemical weapons in Falluja
- 22 /11/ 2004
Photos and video files (included)
American terrorists use the civilians of Falluja as human shields on their vehicles against the resistance during house raid in Falluja.

8 Hotlinks at:  http://mparent7777.blog-city.com/read/924489.htm

The above web page is a declaration made on by Falluja resistance about USA war crimes and their use of weapons of mass destruction. The resistance in Falluja insists that it has photos and video files of many of these crimes and it will release them whenever possible.

The statement released today22 /11/ 2004has said that:

"the US army in Falluja has used weapons of mass destruction and chemical weapons which killed more than 5000 of civilians"

The statement listed some of the main war crimes of the US army in Falluja: "

1 . The US army bombards Falluja with poisoned gases and chemical weapons

2. The US army bombards Falluja with Phosphoric pumps

3 . The US army have destruct houses, Mosques and stores and rubber value things

4 . The US army killed about 5000 civilians, most of them children, ladies and elderly people, put to death wounded and sick people, and peel them in the ground. Then, the USA army has buried many of those civilians in collectivism graves. However, it also disallowed for the resistance who were killed to be buried and let them to be eaten by dogs!

5 . The US army has arrested about 3000 civilians and raped women and children."

The statement said that the resistance has challenged the US army around Falluja to allow international media and independent firm to monitor these crimes. It has offered a 24 Hours ceasefire to ensure safety for the evacuations of civilians and their wounded relatives. The Resistance in Falluja assures that it still controls more than % 50of the city and it gain victory over occupation.



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Fuck Them 23.Nov.2004 17:08

Fuck them all!

Baby child killing butchers!
Someone must stop this now.
Brave Amerikan pigs shoot 10 years olds.

Propaganda 24.Nov.2004 01:18


Don't listen to that crap! I like this site for the ideas, but that was straight garbage.
I hope you guys understand that there are more liberals in the military than FOX wants you to know.
Do you think anyone wants to really be over here?