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The park management of this rv park also goes to the church in castle rock!

What you might want to know for sure is this about this so called christian manager, is that she also goes to the same bigot first baptist church in castle rock, washington. The same one that the minister told everyone to vote for bush/cheney cause he needs all the help he (the murdering butcher in the oval office) can get!
The same so called christian manager also is protecting the drug dealers here in this rv park, giving cover to them in case the law should want to come in an arrest someone. Real nice isn't she to let criminals do whatever they want because she has execpted gifts from these drug addicts.

These are others in this rv park that help these criminals stay on when they should have been evicted long ago. Funny how dumb these people are knowing full well that they want to help drug addicts out for a little bit of money and/or gifts.