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bush family fortunes at the guild theater

this wednesday (november 24th) at 7:30, we are having an unadvertised, word-of-mouth screening of 'the bush family fortunes' at the guild theater. 2$
We of the ILWU Local 5 Education Committee are holding a showing of Greg
Palast's new documentary "Bush Family Fortunes," this Wednesday the 24th
at the Guild theater. The film will be showing at 7:30pm. We are opening
it to the general public and would like as many people to see this
documentary as possible. The cost will be $2.00 per person to cover the
costs of renting the Guild for a night. The Guild Theater is located in
downtown Portland across the street from the Fox Tower. The address 829 SW
9th Ave. Hope to see you all there.

Guild Theater
829 SW 9th Ave
7:30pm November 24th
Highly Recommended 23.Nov.2004 19:01


I bought the DVD and it's worth the $10 I paid. At $2 I strongly recommend this video. Nothing earth shatteringly new for those who have read The Best Democracy Money Can By, but seeing Palast in his Sherlock Holmes hat and some of the people he gets to talk on record about our idiot-savant president. Very entertaining. Have a beer at the Virginia before going. It's only funny if you're intoxicated. In the morning it will be a living nightmare continued.