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election fraud

Election Fraud - Will Break in Mainstream Press Soon

I just don't see how the media-moguls can keep the lid on this much longer. It is seeping through the cracks in national news, but it is a bit subtle and I've misplaced my evidence. Let's all do what we can.
Have you noticed it is difficult to keep up with all of this? So many mind-boggling stories.

Here is the latest - well written and formatted. No sense plastering them here and ruining the formatting. These sites will almost certainly continue to provide excellent timely coverage, too.

Bev Harris. www.blackboxvoting.org tells us to expect a major announcement in the afternoon or evening (November 23). Keep checking there...


OH judge blocks recount for now 23.Nov.2004 20:02



previous:  http://news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/ap/20041123/ap_on_el_pr/recount_rebellion_3

The 11/23 Oregonian had an Ohio recount story on page A2, plus an "Audit finds Florida officials failed to properly oversee felons database" AP story.