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Mary Schneider: Fired for Reporting On-Going Treason

Federal Whistleblower FIRED for Reporting On-Going Extensive TREASONOUS Briberies and Cover Up Conspiracies Feds Giving Aid and Comfort to Illegal Muslims.
"It is a certain fact that not all Muslims are terrorists,
but it is equally certain,and exceptionally painful,
that almost all terrorists are Muslims..."
Abdel Rahman al-Rashed, ARAB NEWS 9 September 2004

My previous attorney was originally from Iran, a former attorney
is Jewish and my present attorney is of Italian ancestry.
I have friends and acquaintances from Argentina, Canada,
Brazil, Ecuador, Ghana, Haiti, India, Jamaica, Japan,
Mexico, Philippines, Spain, Trinidad, and St. Lucia.
My paternal ancestry is German, my maternal ancestry is
French, Irish, Scottish, Dutch, Swiss and Native American Indian.

These treasonous conspiracies are not about God loving,
law abiding legal Muslims in the United States,
but specifically address illegal Muslims who are being
aided and abetted by treasonous officials, after committing
multiple felonies defrauding the American People.

This is not a political issue of democrats vs. republicans vs. libertarians vs. independents, it is not an issue of black, brown, red, yellow, or white, nor is it an issue of Buddhist vs.
Christian vs. Hindu vs. Jewish vs. Muslim...;
it IS an issue of national security,
it IS an issue of home security,
it IS an issue of personal security.

I am a 34-year taxpaying constituent
American citizen.

Were I a (non) taxpaying illegal alien,
I would receive immediate, priority response!

While We Americans are told our nation is at war against seditious Muslim terrorists, these very same officials, knowingly and willingly, are giving aid and comfort to illegal Muslims here in these United States.


Disloyalty to one's nation; a person who reneges on an oath of loyalty or a pledge of allegiance,
is considered to be a traitor.

Article Three of the United States Constitution defines treason as levying war against the United States or giving aid and comfort to its enemies.

Extensive TREASON in the United States is not a contained domestic issue, but has a far reaching, worldwide detrimental impact. We here in America have a moral responsibility to the rest of the world when our actions have negative repercussions on their daily lives.


Sleeping with the enemy

Homeland Security whistleblower told Congress, Bush, Ashcroft, Mueller, Ridge that Florida immigration officials accepted sham marriage bribes linked to congressional office, al Qaeda operatives, and 9/11 terrorism. House and Senate still silent. by Tom Flocco

sounds controversial if not dubious 23.Nov.2004 07:52


In the best of cases this is giving in to the fears instigated by our junta but may actually be crossing the line into denial racism...

just a piece to the puzzle 23.Nov.2004 08:48


Oh please, try reading. *puts books under arms*, "here, let me take to you to school".

"In the best of cases this is giving in to the fears instigated by our junta"

Actually not, this solidifies the fact that their is nothing to fear at all, except maybe homeland security.

If you combine her account(which means you have to read all the documents), with the work of hopsicker and tom flocco, it paints just ONE part of the party animals, the 9/11 omission report calls jihadists.

She ties in US immigration briberies(NAMES and WHITE people) with members of the supposed terrorist conspiracy theory.

"but may actually be crossing the line into denial racism..."

Mary Schneider is not an investigative journalist or some 20yr old out of berkley. She only knows what she knows; and what she knows is: Muslims(in her eyes), connected to 9/11, bribed US officials to get illegals in the country.

What she may know or NOT know, is the fact that these guys were international playboys(wannabees), looking to be players. Selling drugs, training at US bases, money laundering, whores, etc.

Should she have said "arabs", "semites", "islamics"?...not really, their just scum, like the rest that would sellout their own mothers and country for a piece of the action.

While "muslims", may be considered "denial racism"(is that the new o'reilly talking point, like "security moms") or "politically incorrect" to some, it's very hard to list the names of a 1/2 dozen people of middle eastern descent, because you don't want to use the word "muslim".

This is the same as the false opposition disinfo campaign:

Say the word "jew", and your hitler.

That is why there is a difference between the political philosophy of "zionists" as opposed to "jews".

I guess we will have to change: "muslim" to "people of middle eastern descent" or "people of middle eastern descent that pretend to be muslims". Just read the article above and replace when necessary, if it makes you feel better.

I like how the cointel $hitbags show up quick when you start pushing her story. Happens on all the forums.