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No more B.S.: Boycott the professional left!!

Boycott the professional left!! Boycott the
professional left!!
Boycott the professional left!! Boycott the
professional left!!

Open Letter to the Professional Left

The "hierarchy" of the professional left has decided that working class, working poor, homeless, and disabled people should not have a say in leadership or the decision-making process especially when it is related to money in the
movement and what kind of activities are funded. I, for one, am not going to anymore of their marches, teach-ins, or any other events. I urge all real class-conscious activists who believe in class war to boycott all of their events and to stop donating money to these fake left groups. The hierarchy of these groups are the same people who would step over or ignore a homeless person on their way to an anti-war march. The war and other issues of oppression happening outside this country are very important, but they are not the only issue. Why don't these professional left groups ever worry about the oppressed poor and homeless in this country, or for that matter, right in their own hometown. Why? Because then that would require them to actually possibly do something and possibly come face to face with the poor and homeless. Marching, carrying a banner, and crying for the poor Iraqi boy is easy because you don't have to see him. The professional left has had plenty of opportunities over the years to do something real and relevant but instead they choose to live off the images of dead radicals and political prisoners from the 1960`s.

Over the years many events have occured like the assassinations of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., and the government's destruction of the militant underground units in the 1960`s. All of these events were tremendous setbacks for the most oppressed groups in society and yet the professional left has failed to provide any radical alternatives for the oppressed.

The only thing the professional left seems to be good at doing these days are their "once-a-year-liberal-guilt-marches". The specific groups do not need to be named, they, and everyone else, know who they are. Let's just say that we need to be "United for Peace and Justice" on issues within the country as well as seeking an "A.N.S.W.E.R." to problems concerning the poor and homelss who are being oppressed and harassed by the government and law enforcement of this country every day. Every time class-conscious poor and homeless people attend and speakup at their meetings, they are ignored. The poor and homeless are given no media coverage or financial help whatsoever by any of these groups who are supposed to be concerned about the poor. Poor people will no longer be ignored and used as bargaining chips by the professional left. We must organize our own fundraising events. We need to help political prisoners without exploiting them for our own political advantage like the professional left likes to do. We will make sure that the poor and the oppressed are at the forefront and at the head of leadership. We do not need to be lead by professional leftist egomaniacs.

Yours Truly;
Richard Degen

Class War Anarchist Poverty Pimp Busters
elitism 22.Nov.2004 20:23

ordinary guy

if it be either the liberals or the conservatives, one this is fo'shu. there is a boss and there are a bunch of workers. the bosses think that they know than us workers 'cause their fancy education at yale or princton.

another thing that they, irregardless of party afiliation, is to keep all that power in the famly. you know, pass down those bucks to their kids. they don't much care 'bout ours, 'cus the reckon that theirs be smarter than ours. and that makes them mo' deserving.

corse things a gonna change when the market's crash an peal oil makes a gallon of gas costs as much as a gallon of purified watter. then they be stuk in them big houses in the suburbs with a postage sized yard to grow a gardn.

yup, them big ol SUV's aint gonna help them then.

Poor people 22.Nov.2004 22:00

George Bender

I do wish that "progressives" were more interested in poverty issues, but I think it's up to us poor people to organize ourselves.

We do need them 22.Nov.2004 23:34

Red neck

But they need to be closely watched and scrutinized. Remember that actions speak louder than words. When they actually are subversive to the system then we should support them. When they act like they have this year, caving to establishment and encouraging defeatism, then they need to be taken to task. That's what is great about the IMC, we can do that now. We don't have to follow along mutely anymore, things have to be debated and make sense.
Forget the conspiracy theories, the pipe dreams and sectarian nonsense, stick with what you know for a fact, that's more than enough to indite this system. Get the facts out there and engage in them, they can't refute fact.
But I do agree with you, we need to organize from the bottom. Until we get people who live in bare faced reality who are not afraid of confrontation and change.....
Just tell it like it is!

HO! 23.Nov.2004 06:09

Nyle alantin

Left, right, doesn't matter. They are still DUPES for the system.

Here, here! 23.Nov.2004 18:41

Jody Paulson

Why do you suppose the red state folks -- generally the poorest in the nation -- are consistantly voting against their interests by voting republican when they used to all vote democrat? Because old-time populism is dead, replaced by a bunch of slick corporatists that don't appear to have a backbone anymore -- at least the republicans promise to preserve their "values."

If ANSWER was really for the people, they would have staged a massive protest on Nov. 3rd. Instead, all the established liberal can do is ignore, whine, and divert attention. The old left has been bought out by the NWO ... the old right, too, for that matter.

It's time for something new to rise up.