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Where's the Alex Jones Show?

The audio for the Alex Jones show is not available over my internet connection. WTF?
Just checking to see if others have found this as well. Have they finally gotten to Alex's audio stream? The backup is not working either. I figured it was just a matter of time for him.
AJ down 23.Nov.2004 01:20


yeah i noticed this and tried prisonplanet.tv, but didnt find the stream link. also noticed i could access infowars.net archives but now the main site?!?

Dubya On Billboard As "Leader" 23.Nov.2004 07:51


This article by Alex Jones on Rense.com also.


Alex Jones? The retard? 24.Nov.2004 00:28


The man who thinks there's a radio transmitter in the eye of Andrew Jackson on every $20 bill?

Why would anyone care where that misdirecting, government sponsored retard went? infowars and Alex Jones are exactly the type of fake conspiracy media the powers that be want to pump into eagerly waiting heads.