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Feinstein deaf 2 Wintu and Palestinian voices, hears only $$$$

CA Senator Diane Feinstein (D) shows no concern for the original inhabitants of Palestine or Shasta County. Her campaign funding from pro-Israel AIPAC and Central Valley agribusiness could be blinding her to the objections of the Palestinians and the Winnemem Wintu..
Today the Sacramento Bee ran a front page story on the CalFed plan to raise Shasta Dam for the benefit of the Central Valley agribusiness water users. The article didn't mention that the Wintu tribe objects to the flooding of their sacred sites along the McCloud River. There was a quote from CA Senator Diane Feinstein (a Democrat), she believes it is people's

"God-given right to water their lawns and gardens."

and Shasta dam should be raised to fulfill Feinstein's prophecy..

Well, i just couldn't let this one go. The Demoncrat Senator Feinstein, supposed alternative to the Republicons, is now stepping forward to claim "God" gave European immigrants residing in suburban America the right to take water from the Sacramento River and flood the McCloud River for their monoculture lawns..

The article doesn't mention monoculture agribusiness water consumption in the hot dry Central Valley. Monoculture crops use more water than smaller scale diverse permaculture gardens, so her defense of the 'garden' is misleading. It deserves mention that smaller permaculture farms cannot contribute fat bank to political campaigns like agribusiness. She defends monoculture agribusiness interests that are doing very little in the way of water conservation. These big business farms actually try to use as much water as possible so they'll be guaranteed the same amount next season..

You would think that Feinstein, big time supporter of Israel, would at least have learned from one of the positive acts of members of the apartheid Zionist state, drip irrigation. Years ago, some Israeli settlers installed drip irrigation to water their crops in the dry climate..

This was before Ariel Sharon and the right wing Likkud takeover, now the Israeli military/settler mafia use their energy to uproot Palestinian olive trees. These age old trees are native to the desert region and drought tolerant, so they don't need that much water to produce their fruits..

Wow, growing native flora for food that is adapted to a hot dry climate. The Palestinians living in the now Israeli occupied territories have been tending these olive trees for centuries before Israeli colonization. There's another concept that flew over the head of Diane Feinstein and her agribusiness backers..

Feinstein's blatant support of Israeli apartheid state and disregard for the lives of Palestinians who have lived in the occupied territories is mirrored by her lack of concern for the Wintu tribe of Northern CA. The Winnemem Wintu are risking losing another sacred site on the McCloud River to flooding by the raising of the already monolithic Shasta dam. Not to mention the loss of salmon spawning habitat that was blocked by the building of the dam in the 1940's. Not only the Wintu are effected by loss of salmon, so are the Yurok, Hoopa, Karuk and others living along the dammed and diverted Klamath River..

Since God told Feinstein that we need Sacramento River water for our lawns, and the money flows into her coffers from both Central Valley agribusiness and the pro-Israel lobby (AIPAC), neither the Palestinians nor the Wintu matter in her eyes. Glad to know she is able to "speak" for God..

So this is our alternative to the right wing Republicons, eh? Bush/Norton diverted water from the Klamath and caused the deaths of over 30,000 salmon due to low water levels on the river. In both of the above cases, the olive trees and the salmon represent a needed staple for the cultural survival of the Palestinians and the Wintu. Destroying their traditional food sources results in a decline of the health and well being of these peoples. Seems like genocide of indigenous peoples in both America and Palestine is a bi-partisan value..

We the people are no longer represented by our government. Control is in the hands of corporations and their puppet politicians like Feinstein/Bush/etc.. We can only wish that the diverse peoples around the Earth can come together and overthrow this tyrannical empire before it's too late for the salmon, Wintu, Palestinians, Iraqis, Americans and anyone else who stands in the way of the corporate controlled government bulldozer..

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"One only needs to look at Israel's staunchest supporters in Congress and the Senate and see how much money they are receiving from Israeli interest groups to realize that American foreign policy is being bought and dictated by these groups.

Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-CA) will be introducing legislation to the Senate to shut down PLO offices in D.C., restrict the PLO representative's travel in the United States and to cut ties with any representative of the Palestinian people. Mrs. Feinstein has received over $100,000 from Israeli interest groups that advocate the continued policies of apartheid against the Palestinians.[2]"

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