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U.S. Military Success Exaggerated

More lies from Bushnoccio
USA Military Success In
Iraq Greatly Exaggerated

The success of the USA military occupation of Iraq and of the recent assault on Fallujah is being greatly exaggerated by US generals and the Zionist controlled media. On Friday June 13, 2003, this author wrote an article "IRAQ: 'Guerilla Warfarè is taking a heavy toll on US occupation forces" that has proven prophetic. The article addressed the lethal Che Guevara type "Guerilla Tactics" that the Iraqi insurgency was utilizing against the occupiers and that in the "Iraqi environment" it will be next to impossible for the invaders to win in this type of warfare.

All that was written in the article, 16 months ago, has turned out to be true. One of the principal tenets of guerilla warfare is never to engage a well armed regular army with small guerilla units. The rule is "hit and run" and this has been used with great finesse by the insurgents in Fallujah. While US generals maintain that they have "broken the back of the insurgency" in Fallujah, the fact is that these same insurgents units have popped up in the city of Mosul, and elsewhere in Iraq, as strong and resilient as ever.

In addition, US Marines have fallen to another "classical guerilla tactic" and that is to force a situation in which "the military occupier" is exposed to the population for what they are. The brutal US military assault on Fallujah and consequent large number of civilian casualties has resulted in even more Iraqi civilians to turn against the invaders. The type of indiscriminate "house to house" attacks in civilian areas only produces more recruits for the insurgency.

This author's position that the war is unwinnable is supported by experts. One of these experts is Toby Dodge who is an Iraq analyst at Queen Mary University of London. Mr. Dodge was recently quoted by the BBC, "They have been saying that Fallujah is the source of and therefore the solution to their problems. The violence in Mosul has shown that to be a crassly stupid thing to say. Insurgency is a national phenomenon fuelled by alienation. I don't think this war is winnable because they have alienated the base of support across Iraqi society."

Not only has the assault on Fallujah alienated the base of support across Iraqi society but it has also alienated the entire Muslim world and very large sectors of the global population as well. The indiscriminate massacre of civilians in Fallujah only made the insurgency more determined, has united all of Islam and has made the Iraq War the central battle of the clash between Islam and Western Civilization.

La Voz de Aztlan feels extremely sorry not only for the Iraqi people but for many of the young, ignorant and uneducated US soldiers who are involved in the military assaults. We are especially distraught for the many soldiers of Mexican descent that are being routinely shown on prime time television as "heroes". Most pathetic of all is the US Marine that was converted into nothing less than a murderer when he blew up the head of an unarmed and injured Iraqi young man in a Mosque in Fallujah recently. This US Marine decided to utilize a "preemptive strike" on the injured and defenseless Iraqi. Should he be blamed . . . after all it was the US Commander in Chief who decided to use a "preemptive strike" on the entire Iraqi nation?


Another Report Of Heavy
US Losses In Iraq Yesterday

This came from an unverified source but seems to parallel other reports from the
Arab press and news media and should be considered in that regard.

U.S Soldiers Killed.................. 185

Humvees Destroyed/Damaged - 16
Bradley Fighting Vehicles Destroyed/Damaged - 8
APCs - 4
Trucks/Tankers - 11

Chinook Helicopters - 2

More than 50 US soldiers killed in one Chinook, casualties unknown in the second one shot down.

There has been very heavy fighting obviously.

Yesterday, on mainstream news, i.e. BBC, Skynews, etc. the news from Iraq was kept to a minimum ...almost like there was no fighting at all. Centcom also updated NO casualties yesterday.
US Battle Plans Begin To Unravel 22.Nov.2004 20:25

michael schwartz

As so many predicted, the attack on Fallujah has strengthened the resistance and weakened the US occupation.


hell... 23.Nov.2004 15:16

this thing here

... ever since the disgusting "mission accomplished" banner was hung, u.s. military success has been exaggerated to the point of the ridiculous. why the THIRD offensive to take fallujah, if everything is going so great?

to even think things are going o.k. militarily and "winning the peace" wise in iraq is completely delusional...