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Prophecy Monday Nov. 22nd : DIRECT ACTION Email

A genuine populist is never short of ideas...

A brief review


Summit of the Americas Earth Day Protest Banner, April 22nd 2001

Press releases announcing the Earth Day Wing, Friday, April 20th, 2001

Prophecy 2004, zipped

Download prophecy04.zip (~500 kb)

To download all the prophecy pages as a zip file, you can right click, using the right hand mouse button instead of the usual left button, and choose 'save link as' or 'save target as' from the pop up menu depending on your browser, and save the file to your disk drive.

Suggested email

As another form of Direct Populist Action, I will recommend the following email to accompany the attached zip file.

Look there is this guy going around performing some kind of circus act, you know like one of those old time 'prophets of YAHWEH'. We aren't sure about the guy, you know, because he could be some kind of wing nut, however he does a wing to go with his nut, and I suppose for that reason it is worthwhile to at least hear the guy out. He also claims that NASA made a video tape using the Space Shuttle camera, on April 24th, showing a glowing disc shaped space craft of some kind, that was then accidentally broadcast live by the American media, and he furthermore says that when the American government made the decision to hide the video tape from the public, the next day all three computers on the space station were knocked out of service, and that would be the main computer, the back up and the back up to the back up, a triple redundant system knocked off line, which he claims is due to that bad decision on the part of the government to hide that video tape from the public.

Furthermore, he claims that now the government has an audio tape of what he refers to as a furious God, YAHWEH as he calls this God, roaring an order to George Bush, to the effect that Bush is GET OUT OF IRAQ OR HIS TROOPS WILL BE LEAVING IN SACKS. He says there will not be enough body bags to get all those troops out of Iraq, and so they will have to resort to sacks, since YAHWEH is not going to tolerate having Bush sack Iraq, and so its the sack for his troops, one form of sacking being replaced by another. Furthermore, he says that while he does not know exactly how much time is left, it isn't much, making this an urgent matter. He says that he needs to explain everything to American Moms, so they can use their phone calls to Iraq to talk their sons into disobeying any more war crimes orders, since under International Law the Iraq war, being a war to sack and plunder Iraq's O-I-L is illegal, and due to the Constitution of the United States of America, this is also illegal under American Law. Therefore no soldier is under any obligation to obey an order to go to Iraq, and if in Iraq is under no obligation to obey any orders in Iraq, since under International War Crimes Law, brought in after Hitler and the Nazis went sacking, every soldier has the both the right and the duty to disobey war crimes orders.

He also is hoping to pressure the media and the government on the issue of both this hidden video tape and now the hidden audio tape, and he says they hide everything else as well, but he is just focusing his attention on these two tapes for now, and even if they don't cough them up, it won't make a hell of a lot of difference in the end, other than to demonstrate how, as he puts it, they hide every lamp under a barrel. He also wants to pressure ministers and preachers and people like that, just to sort everyone out, and find who hides lamps under barrels and who is a hypocrite and who is sincere and so on, so he doesn't really care if the pressure campaign works, since it will work he says even if it doesn't work, thus making it well worth doing.

He says he is hoping that by having something he calls 'Direct Populist Action' and having a friend tell a friend and so on, that perhaps he might be able to find a few American Moms, and maybe cut down the number of body bags and sacks sent back from Iraq, since those Moms can phone their kids in Iraq, and get them to obey the law, or they can start shopping for coffins he says. He also wants those Moms to demand the intelligence information the government is hiding from them on this matter, but then he wants everyone to do that, so naturally he would be asking them about helping out with that job as well.

And hey, even if the guy was a wing nut (with a wing) well think of it as a kind of weirdly amusing circus act, then, if you choose, although he says that if you could hear the audio, and see the video, thus hearing with your ears and seeing with your eyes, you might think twice, which is why the government won't let us do that, but anyway he feels that even one wing, which he says is the only thing they were unable to hide should be enough to justify giving him a hearing, and on consideration I thought that maybe he is right, because one hundred and forty thousand sacks coming back from Iraq is a lot of sacks, and if that could be cut back to even one hundred thousand sacks that would be an improvement.

So I have sent along his 'prophecy' zip file for your consideration and you can see what you think about it.

Catch yah later
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