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Dear Friends in the World:

I live in the city of Paraná, Province of Entre Ríos, Argentina and I am an English teacher, I teach English in four different schools (Junior and Senior high) in my city. I started helping animals from the cradle, I was brought up by my grandpa and he had already been doing it by himself when I came to this world to carry on with his mission, we had 25 stray female dogs at home.

Once I went to the local pound and learned about the killing in gas chamber (I was 17 years old and my grandpa was already gone), I will never forget those faces, and the moment I left that hell, I made myself a promise: "I will make this disappear" I started a fight with other animal advocates I came across. In 1993 we got our ordinance banning the wrongly called euthanasia in this city (we are the third non killing city in this country) and we do not allow circuses with animals either. Now I have just turned 39 (Dec 23rd) and nothing will prevent me from doing what I do. These lonely hearts keep me in motion.

Well going back to our current issue. What we are doing now is requesting help from animal advocates from all over the world to stop the slaughter which is taking place in the Southern Area of my country, in two of the most famous cities in Argentina, Ushuaia and Río Grande. Their mayors have just passed ordinances in which stray dogs must be eliminated by gas or poison just for the sake of tourism. 12,000 dogs have already been killed. Animal welfare associations have urged them to stop this cruel practise, but, they are not listening to anybody in this country. We strongly believe that by making this known all over the world, it will encourage them change their attitude towards these poor homeless animals.

You know vets in this country are not of much help; they want to go on killing and you know what because killing is less expensive than a spay,

neuter and release programme. In Killing, they make profits from it and don't have to work, dog catchers attach the hose to the trucks while they go on reading the newspaper and have coffee in their offices, and of course, they get their salaries at the end of the month. Generally, vets and animal advocates just walk on different and totally opposite paths.
I love dogs and cats. 23.Nov.2004 01:57

Red neck

I have helped and taken in as many as I could over the years. But I don't share this sickly sentimentality that especially North Americans have for animals. I am much more concerned and outraged that in a country (Argentina) that has more cattle than people, there are people starving. Look to Uruguay they actually did something, voted socialist into power.