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Report: US discussing strikes on Iran

When will this fascism for War stop? Is there not enough death and destruction already?
Report: US discussing strikes on Iran


LONDON - Pentagon officials are said to be discussing possible military action to neutralize Iran's nuclear weapons threat, according to a report in London's Observer. US administration sources are quoted as saying that air strikes - "either by the US or Israel" - to wipe out Iran's fledgling nuclear program would be difficult because of a lack of clear intelligence about where key components are located.

Instead, sources quoted by the paper said the Pentagon is considering strikes in support of regime change, including attacks on the leadership, as well as on political and security targets
The new "modeling" at the Pentagon, with its shift in emphasis from suspected nuclear sites to political target lists, is said to be causing deep anxiety among officials in Britain, France, and Germany, who last week appeared to have negotiated a deal with Teheran to cease work that could contribute to a nuclear weapons program. But Washington is said to be skeptical about the deal.

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When will this fascism for War stop? There is not enough death and destruction already?

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iran 22.Nov.2004 17:14

war fear

Should iran perform a first stike?

So how about Pakistan?

How about Monocco?

China could help everybody out too?

And what about France, with there fancy pant?

Remember, he who hesitates is lost?

US should appologize ASAP for the neocons are using our butts to piss on a wasps nest. History has not been too favorable too empires of late.

Amerika - Weapon Of Mass Deception 22.Nov.2004 19:40


Lies from the asses of evil in Bushington, D.C. (Dominion Of Cheney)

here ya go 23.Nov.2004 04:10


Ok, with every disinfo campaign, you need some facts:

Iran to halt nuclear enrichment

Iran says it is suspending its uranium enrichment programme, in line with a deadline agreed with European nations.


The Devil and George Warmonger Bush 23.Nov.2004 04:40

The Devil and George Warmonger Bush George Warmonger Bush International Terrorist@666Hell.org

His Unholiness George Warmonger Bush International Terrorist to Iran: "And now that I'm almost finished with my War Crimes in Iraq it's your turn to pay the Penalty for having WMD's. Sorry to Oil the WMD's I'm gonna use in Iran but Oil comes first. Fooled you once Shame on you, Fooled you twice Oil for me."

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