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Prophecy Nov. 22 : 140,000 Body Bags

The poker game continues...I wonder what will wind up being thrown into the pot next...

A brief review


The above image is a light shining in a darkened place. This is what I called my Summit of the Americas Earth Day Protest Wing Banner. You see, I wanted desperately to protest at the Summit myself, and being myself and being who I am, naturally I wanted to protest by shining a light into the darkest place. I sent out press releases on the Friday, April 20th, before the Sunday which was Earth Day, April 22nd, 2001, announcing the unfurling of this wing shaped banner made out of clouds. The link to the press releases is here...Press releases.

The week after the Summit was intended to be some kind of extravaganza, a propaganda celebration of American power, and thus among other events that took place, such as a Royal tour by Prince Charles, which just happened to come right through my home town, there was also a week long series of long broadcasts from the International Space Station and the Space Shuttle. The Space Station is always there, and the Shuttle is busy off and on all the time, and the only reason for this big broadcast extravaganza was for the purposes of some kind of week long propaganda drive, the purpose of which, like all propaganda extravaganzas was to celebrate the power and glory of the rich and the powerful. This was a bad week to celebrating the power and glory of the gloriously powerful, given what happened at the Summit, since someone much more powerful and glorious was present (I am not talking about myself). But nevertheless these stage managed events proceeded on their course.

Two days after this wing unfurling event, a glowing circular disc shaped object appeared and was broadcast live on the space shuttle camera. This craft was one of the same type that I have been telling about, since the universe pulses with life, the universe is alive and not dead, and human beings are not alone in the universe, nor are any human thrones the ultimate expression of power in the universe. This video tape of this object was promptly hidden, and has been kept hidden for over three years now. This would be one of the same objects that I first saw when I was fifteen, leading to a series of events that brings me to where I am today. The following is a link to Real Media file I made which is a representation of the object darting into the cloud at Banff... Real Media file. I also converted the animation into a gif (which is speeded up to decrease the size) ,,, Gif page...The text of a letter I wrote describing what happened at Banff is here ... banff.html and scanned images of the magazine pages in which the letter was published are located here .... Page One my letter begins in the second column... page two.

The purpose of my constant attempts to bring these matters to your attention are to drive home the point that everything you believe about the universe or your place in it or the nature of reality is a lie, and it is it would seem a deliberate lie designed to make you give your allegiance and your obedience to power, since power seems to thrive the best in the darkness where there is no real competition seen to exist. This must be the case given the lengths that the rich and the powerful go to in order to keep these matters a secret, and the only purpose served must be to protect both their money and their throne. If someone else can come up with a better explanation for this super weird behavior, let me know. The way things work out is that if you want evidence, well I can show one thing that could not be hidden, which is that wing banner, this being a lamp into a darkened place which was not covered with a barrel, there apparently not being a barrel big enough for that particular job. As for the rest of the things I keep telling you people, given how the evidence is deliberately concealed, you will just have to take my word for it for the time being, or you can believe the powers who are the ones doing the hiding (take your pick).

As I mentioned previously there was a video tape of one of these glowing craft, one of these signs of life in the universe, a sign that you are not now nor have you ever been alone, and helpfully this video tape was made by the Space Shuttle camera outside the Space Station by NASA, and was broadcast live internationally during power celebration week, two days after that wing unfurling event. And so you can see that there is a piece of video tape that you can trust, and you can trust that video tape even more when you consider how it has been kept hidden, like a lamp slammed under a barrel. There was one small leak of information about the making of this tape, where someone from NASA apparently mentioned that an object some private citizen had filmed was similar to the object that NASA had filmed out side the space station. On the BBC site, dated six weeks later, during June 2001...UFO video goes to Hollywood. A quote : "officials at NASA are said to have asked to examine the tape, because they believe it shows the same type of craft once spotted by the space agency's own cameras during a space shuttle mission." Aside from this one leak from NASA nothing more has been heard about this vitally important piece of video tape.

Some of you people out there are unbelievably naive and trusting, and such trusting types have suggested to me as a course of action that I contact the media outlets which unwittingly became the broadcast venue for this revealing event. Of course I tried that, right from the start. It turns out that to get the media to challenge the Powers is not an easy thing to do, and when you consider that the media went right along with that propaganda extravaganza you can understand the way things actually work. Which is why the powers get away with so much. Which is why news media must not be in private hands, must not become the monopolies they have become, since the news media is a sacred trust, which has been grossly violated, by being driven more by profits and the concerns of the rich and the powerful than they are by truth or the needs of humanity. Now normally one does not compensate criminals for their crimes. For example if someone is found peddling pot, and that is considered a crime, well they confiscate their house and car, on the theory that these were the proceeds of criminal activity, and for the same reason when one confiscates the media assets of a media used in criminal activities, one does not worry about compensation, since this bought off media has either been involved in crimes, such as the massacre in Fallujah, performing the spin doctoring role, or this media has been actively engaged in covering things up, which makes further crimes possible. For this reason as a part of my populist campaign, I include in my platform the call for the seizure of new media assets without compensation, and as I say, if the crooks behind it all want money, if they feel they deserve payment for services rendered, well then they can bring the matter up before a judge, such as at their war crimes trial when a judge would be available. The principles of justice, if not the law itself, make it a criminal offense to hide the truth, especially such vitally important truths as have been hidden here, and so therefore they can also face charges for robbing humanity of that as well as all the other endless robberies of the rich and the powerful, who are so filled with arrogant hubris, they even plot to rob heavens height, as you can see here, and not only do the silence the desperate victims of the earth, they also try to silence God on High, a particularly bad idea, but I will return to this point later..

I point of to you that this action of hiding that video tape is just one of many other such actions, putting barrels over lamps and hiding lights in a darkened place, and thus is typical of actions of its kind, lest you may think, 'we shall play follow the leader.' If when people are being clearly immoral and you decide to follow them then you share in their immorality and you also take responsibility yourself for their crimes which means you can also endure a share of their punishment for doing such things. I hope the point is clear, but there are other reasons to do what is right other than fear of punishments, and these should be taken into consideration as well.

Now there is much to be said here, but I will jump to ahead to last week, when some secret agents of some sort were sent to case my joint by Washington. As you would recall I was talking about that roaring from heaven's heights. I call my website 'A Witness to YAHWEH' for a reason you know. Now you should be able to understand the basic truth that teaches that people do not make their own moon and stars. These things simply are. I am the moon, says the moon, and the moon just is. Similarly people do not make their own gods. If you did such a thing, then your god is not. I AM says God, and that is just the way of the world. I thought I would bring up this point, lest someone bother me with talk about 'some other god' since there is not 'some other moon' or 'some other stars' and things just are the way that they are, and to believe or act otherwise is foolishness.

Now to return to my point, as you might recall, I was talking about that roaring, which takes place when one such as myself talks to YAHWEH, the type of God who can be heard roaring in angers from heaven heights (which is why I chose to name my website 'A Witness to YAHWEH' rather than a witness to something that does not exist). Washington sent some secret agents down with recorders and broadcasting equipment, setting up some kind of feed to the Pentagon or the CIA, you know, just to check up on that roaring. And as I pointed out to you, they got one hell of an answer. There is roaring, and then there is roaring, super angered roaring. Which got those secret agents hopping, as one would expect. I won't bother repeating myself here, since I have discussed this matter previously.

So therefore, your government has been ordered by God Almighty to GET OUT OF IRAQ, and not in one year, or after so called 'elections', but right now, or face the consequences. This would be one more tape you might want to listen to, if your tape hiding government would release tapes rather than rising up in arrogance to battle even heaven's heights. And as for the media, well the story of the Summit of the Americas was not told the right way. The story of the Space Shuttle was not told the right way. The story of how all three computer systems were then wrecked on the space shuttle the next day was not told the right way (the main, the back up and the back up of the back up computer systems were all wrecked, and having a triple redundant system wrecked all at once like that is statistically improbable, especially when you consider what they caught on tape just the day before, and when you consider wings and other things). So then your media, bought off thing that it is, is as much deep water as your government, and so it is not surprising that the Night of the Long Knives at the CIA and the State Department, which took place last week, was also not reported properly. You see King George is a Monarch who does not welcome bad news, and only wants intelligence which agrees with his plans, and when intelligence comes back the wrong damned way well he either shoots the messengers, or stabs them to death with long knives, whatever happens to be handy at that particular moment. As you know King George was determined to attack Iraq, intelligence be damned, thus leading to the current fiasco, and now King George is once again ignoring intelligence information and leading the nation into just one more gigantic fiasco, although the cost will be much greater this time.

Direct Action

As you would know I am a populist, and therefore I believe in PEOPLE POWER and thus in the practice of DIRECT ACTION. I have been calling myself 'a prophet of YAHWEH' that being my new mission, which I started on Novemeber 8th, a couple of weeks ago, as you might recall, but that does not mean that I see the future through some crystal ball. All I see are the possibilities, and I have one bad flaw, in that I trust you people far to much, or so it would seem to me, for I learn as I go along. Now I still do not believe that you are bad people, but you are certainly a stubborn people and hard to deal with, and that leads to the types of disasters that we see accumulating and building up and building up over time, bringing us to the present situation, where the consequences of disasters have built up to potentially disastrous proportions, and will continue to build, becoming worse and worse and worse unless something is done. Now these sorts of things I accept, since you have to accept reality even when it is less than ideal and not your first choice, but even though I accept reality that does not mean that I do nothing. No, I will continue to attempt to influence events, perhaps even shape events, and then as time goes on I will accept the results and then continue on to struggle step by step. That's the way I am.

Now let us talk, and let us reason together. There is a piece of vitally important video tape, shot by your Space Shuttle camera, right after that wing event on Earth Day 2001. If you are an American, you paid for that tape, and so therefore given its great importance you deserve to see that tape. Furthermore, you also deserve a media that reports on such tapes, rather than a bought off media that hides such tapes, like the one you have now. Do I need to spell it out to you people? This does call for DIRECT ACTION. So in my typical populist tradition I make the following suggestions, and welcome any other suggestions for populist action on this vitally important matter. First you can contact your media, and demand those tapes, or the very least demand that the existence of those tapes be reported as well as the fact that they have been kept hidden for well over three years now. You can tell a friend who can tell a friend, and then they can call in as well. Maybe email a friend, who can email a friend. Throw another log on the fire. You can contact NASA, the Pentagon, the CIA, the White House, your Congressman, and while you are at it, tell a friend and tell a friend to tell a friend. This is the way they would deal with such situations in other countries, and it is also the way you deal with such a situation where you live. And if you live in another country, well join in, phone, write, email, and tell a friend to tell a friend. Throw another log onto the fire. This is much better than simply complaining about your bad media, and having a good bitch, or complaining about your truth hiding government, and then having a bitch. Throw another log onto the fire.

Now speaking of possibilities, your government has been ordered to GET OUT OF IRAQ, and in the very near future, and that order did not come from my lips, as your government knows, this being why they have intelligence gather secret agents after all. So, in the spirit of killing two birds with one stone, you also demand to listen to that tape, so you can hear the order yourself, and then decide if that is an order your nation should obey or disobey, depending on how threatening such an order sounded and how awesome or potentially dangerous you might consider the author of such orders. In this way you can see with your eyes (the first tape) and hear with your ears (the second tape). You can also demand that your media report correctly on stories instead of telling some half baked tale, starting with the correct version of the story of the Night the Long Knives, and that bad tempered King George and his ridiculous demands for intelligence that goes along with existing plans, a policy which as you can see gets you into deep deep trouble. If you like hot water, and want to go for a real good soak, then just do nothing, or you can listen to what I am telling you and take DIRECT ACTION, the action I am proposing consisting of throwing log after log onto the fire.

Let us consider the consequences of disobeying heaven's direct orders. Well we can see from the last three years that since that whole wing event and everything that followed, disaster has been piled upon disaster, ruin following ruin, and so it is easy to project forward and then determine that without some changes taking place, we can expect disaster following disaster, and ruinous ruin heaped upon ruinous ruin, this sort of escalation being typical of the defiance we have seen over the last three years.

Now in regards to the outstanding orders given to King George last week, I see certain possibilities. For example, you might want to consider ordering one hundred and forty thousand body bags. You see your country will be leaving Iraq, that I know for sure, knowing YAHWEH, and respecting such an order myself, and if it should be the case that your nation will be leaving Iraq by loading up body bags, well then so be it. By the way I just got another one of those roarings from heaven, which suggests to me that yes, there is a very good possibility that you will loading body bags before this is all over.

So then I propose, once again, the following DIRECT ACTION. Now we know that the Iraq war is a war crimes war. It is a violation of International Law, and all that phony intelligence that King George prefers, as is obvious once again from his conduct over the course of the last week, is not sufficient to change that simple fact. America is in Iraq for O-I-L, which means that the Iraq war, like all the wars in history, is a sacking war. Now if you consider the example of Alexander the so called Great, and all his evident sacking and looting, you can see another clear example of what war is all about. Some would say, 'yes, Alexander went sacking, but think of all his accomplishments.' For example, he brought literacy to the world, thus showing how even good can from his evil ways. Now if the world required literacy I think they could have called on me and I could have spread literacy over three continents without spilling out guts and bowels, since there are options, and remember that was war up close and personal back in the days of that Great Alexander, so there were limbs and guts and bowels and feces spilled out over the planet during that, his great campaign to spread literacy and what ever else he supposedly accomplished. Thinking along similar lines, I do not wish to hear about the many side accomplishments supposedly attributed to King George and his sacking and looting, which are supposed to glorify his war or make it somehow acceptable.

When Iraq had an election, with only King George voting, and Iraq voted to privatize and neo- liberalize this was all the proof you needed to understand that this was a war crimes war, an illegal war of aggression by an Imperialist attacker against a weaker and helpless nation, for the purposes of looting and plundering. If that is not enough evidence for you, well you might consider all the phony intelligence, that muck throwing in the hopes that something would stick, and then if that still is not enough for you, you might want to wait for Iraq to be sacked, which of course it will, but why wait that long, as you watch your robber barons get their Iraq contracts, making a buck on the side. Such wars are illegal under International Law and thus given the provisions of the Constitution of the United States of America, these laws are also American Laws, which explains the hatred displayed by King George and his war hawks for the entire system of International Law, as well as the ripping and tearing up of the constitution of the United States, including such abominations as secret arrests and disappearances at the whim of King George, violations of the Geneva Conventions on the treatment of POWs, or the bombing of hospitals, and the list just goes on and on and on and on.

Now to emphasize my point, there is a price to be paid for wings and other things, and as this situation continues to get worse and worse, the price in this little game of poker has not risen to the point where King George, the robber barons who are his Elite HAVE MORE political base, and the media owned by these robber barons, and the whole lot of them, have thrown one hundred and forty thousand body bags into the pot, and the poker game will continue with these stakes. They will also be tossing the whole country onto the poker table, and as I said previously, when the game is through, if we cannot talk in the house, if that is to hard, well then when the place burns to the ground we can talk in the yard, outside the burning rubble.

But for now let us talk about body bags, and let us talk about DIRECT ACTION, populist action to end this war. Here I will just be repeating myself offering nothing new, until such a time as I come with new ideas myself, or anybody else with common sense offers a new idea themselves.

Given how this is an illegal war every order given in this war is an illegal war. Under International Law it is the right and the duty of soldiers not to blindly follow orders, as they have been trained to do under the illegal military training system in the United States, but rather it is the responsibility and the right of soldiers to disobey war crimes orders, and since every single order in this illegal war is a war crimes order, that means that no soldier is obligated to go to Iraq, which is their right guaranteed under the Constitution of the United States of America (or what is left of it) and furthermore, any soldier in Iraq can refuse any order at any time, and can also leave Iraq, which is their guaranteed right under International Law and thus is also the Law of the United States of America, under the Constitution of the United States of America. Therefore those giving these orders are war criminals, and those who disobey orders are patriots and law abiding citizens. I hope I am making myself clear.

So therefore I propose DIRECT ACTION. I suggest contacting mothers of those troops who might know other mothers who might know a friend who knows another mother. Those mothers can demand tapes, thus helping out with that problem as well as demanding an end to this war crimes war. They can also use their Iraq phone calls to talk to their kids in Iraq and get them to obey the law, because you see, they just cannot do it without you.

However if mothers want to be like so many other people and just ignore me, and ignore wings and other things, then they can start casket shopping. Enough said. Remember, this a poker game, and the stakes keep getting higher and higher.

If you are not a mother then you can still do what I suggested above, by telling a friend, who tells a friend, raising hell with your bought off media, throwing a few more logs onto that particular fire, and if you tell a friend who tells a friend, who happens to know a mother, well you could see how that might work. Its called populist action. You can do these things, and other things that might work if anyone can think of something, or you can contact your representatives and pressure them vote in an increase in body bag funding, and then they can signal the body bag industry to start working over time, unless you would like your troops sent back in gunny sacks and other such things, there not being enough body bags in the country to the job.

And if you have any doubts, you might contact your government and ask to review the hidden intelligence, such as videos and audios and whatever else they might have on hand. You might contact your media, and ask them for more information so you can make up your damned mind, but failing that you can consider wings and such things, and perhaps that will be more than enough for you to go on for right now, until it starts to unravel and it all comes out in the great big wash, which it will, but then you just cannot wait that long, given that body bag problem and your war with heaven during Ramadan.

When I can think of something else to say to you Americans, and other people of the world, who if you know an American, might want to give them hell, and get them moving, well when I think of something else to say, I will be back, but for right now I am out of ideas.