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artist kills animals for her work

Please sign the petition, complain, let others know, etc.
This is appauling.
An artist named Nathalia Edenmont is killing rabbits, cats, dogs, doves and mice to incorporate them into her artwork.

Link to samples of her exhibit ( warning: offensive content):

The Wetterling Gallery's justification of her work:

Link to the PETITION against artist:  http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/853089392

(If you think this is wrong, please repost this)
unreal 22.Nov.2004 15:08


I say lets make her into art and be done with it. unforgivable

PETA 22.Nov.2004 15:46


here is a response from PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) - they are very aware of this situation:

Thank you for your e-mail regarding Swedish "artist" Nathalia Edenmont.

Because Ms. Edenmont's gruesome work is created in Sweden, she is bound
by that country's laws regarding humane treatment of animals. In
December 2003, Edenmont was reported to authorities by the Swedish
Veterinary Association (SVA) for not having a veterinarian present when
she killed the animals used in her work. We encourage you to contact
the SVA about this matter. Please urge them to continue pressuring
authorities to ensure Edenmont's compliance with their guidelines, and
better yet, to put a stop to her work completely. You can view their
Web site (available in English) at  http://www.svf.se.

Vengence 22.Nov.2004 16:34


is dumb. I'm going to repeat some commentary here that I left on "evolution in action" about the hunters. I simply cannot conceive of her conduct being "unforgiveable." This is the language and logic of those who advocate for the death penalty. PETAs response seems appropriate, even AlF direct action against the artist I would support. However, there is a bright line between "turning her into art" and advocating for a more peaceful world. attitudes like slayers, all over this website, have more in common with Bush and other cons then they would like to admit. Both have to do with vengence, both have to do with fundamentalist type attitudes about the world, and both have a "with us or against us" attitude. If that's the kind of movement you are advocating, then you've lost a long time supporter. I'd really like to hear from real animal rights activists and not just some jock macho shit.

Complain to the Swedish Consulate General 22.Nov.2004 18:04

burn yur saab

Serious opponents to Edenmont's curious "aesthetic" might consider expanding scrutiny to include who is buying her stuff?

Are these works showing up in any corporate or museum collections?

This begins to go down the road toward human skin lamp shades.

The irony of the pop art world, 'seven minutes of fame (or was it 12?)' is that outrage becomes part of the iconography and hype--prices rise, sales increase, interviews abound.

But, from the standpoint of art reflecting or presaging...well, look around.

this is offensive 22.Nov.2004 20:36

red suspenders

A lot of "artists", have good connections to get gallery shows,either from knowing people or liberal expenditure of family trust funds. However some of these folks lack any talent or creative vision. People can develop talent and vision, but a lot of these "artists" are lazy so they rely on things being either of a personal familiar nature- like showing photographs of old shoes or home appliences (although this could be done well) Or- they use something they know will be offensive becuase they know people will look- (can you walk by paramedics working on someone in the street without looking?)
This artist was too lazy to even find anything offensive so she did this gross and disgusting act herself.

A hunter who clobbers a deer to eat and photographs it usually does so with some respect for the animal and the earth who provided it. Decapitating a cat to use as part of some kind of mixed media/ found object drivel becuase you have no creative vision or talent to put a picture on a wall - this "artist" needs to see a psychologist bad.

Punishment? Maybe we could grind up her hasselblad and make her eat it. Performance art, you know- someonme might be able to write a pretty good grant for that.

Remember that people who abuse animals rarely stop there.

re: "vengence" 23.Nov.2004 12:21

Stormy green_jihad@hotmail.com

First of all, it's V E N G E A N C E. Might want to take that community college English class. Second, you live in a fantasy world of nonviolence and cute little bunny rabbits. This kind of sociopathic behavior needs to be answered in kind. Fire with fire. You don't take out tanks with slingshots.

who says 10.Jan.2005 03:27


who says she doesn't eat them afterwards?
would that justify it? if after the photoshoot she fried them up and ate them?

anyone who has ever eaten at mcdonalds can't possibly be justified in calling for a headhunt.

those animals are very often mistreated. they often begin butchering the animals while the animal is still alive, due to a badly aimed gun, etc. I'm not saying i enjoy seeing a mutilated cat, but i think it says more about me than her. my own double standards. and that's what art is supposed to do. make you think, and see things differently.