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Right of Secession Amendment

If secession is to be reality, this could be the first step. If not, this could still serve a useful purpose

The Amendment
"The sovereign authority of any State to withdraw by law from the United States shall not be questioned, and the United States shall recognize it as a sovereign and independent country."

Of course, many people in support of this will already support secession, but this is a good chance for an alliance with those who may still have a sense of national patriotism, but are wary of the government's power. Workers are more likely to do their job when they know that their boss can fire them. This was supposed to be the principle used in America when founding its own government, where the citizens were the bosses.

Whether it leads to secession or not, this is a good chance to support realistic political change in a time when it is demanded, to motivate the government to be mindful of our needs, because we will certainly work for them, with or without their help.