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History Channel Dubya's Mouthpiece

History Channel aka Damage Control Channel
History Channel Now Bush
Administration Mouthpiece
By Ted Twietmeyer

It should be renamed "The Damage Control Channel."

Every time I think there is nothing more to write about - something like this changes my mind in the wee hours of the morning.

Perhaps it had to happen. Things were getting too good - too fresh and getting closer to the truth. Maybe the channel was bringing too much truth into the sanitizing light of day. Those in control were perhaps becoming afraid of the public viewing it through that thick glass faceplate found in most everyone's living room. Even though I'm a 10 year fan of many of their documentaries (but not their docudramas), it's clear now, we have all been betrayed. I'm not ashamed of quoting some of their great revealed information in a piece I wrote about month ago. But things have already changed since then.

First case in point - Roswell. I won't go over the dog-eared details here. As a rense.com reader you know them all already. But what sickened me is the history channel's new damage control method. Perhaps like convenient amnesia - many facts were left out of the account that gave credibility one of their past documentaries aired less than a month ago.

Glen Dennis was derided in the "new version" as having memory problems. His co-ownership of the Roswell Museum was placed into a fanatic's light. Concentration on the flight test dummies and project Mogul were used to discredit everyone involved in the already detailed story. In short, it was a blatant video dissertation of damage control. Needless to say, many aspects of this were left out including the strange metal part with inscriptions written on it.

As people who expose truth often say, "you get the most flack when you're right over the target." Or, "sunlight is the best disinfectant" (which is true.) Having been over the target many times, it most certainly is true. Personally knowing some of the people associated with Roswell that have never been in the limelight - yet know how it all happened - makes the damage control program even more apparent. It's VERY CLEAR what this 2004 documentary was attempting to do: discredit the honest people and stuff the Genie of Truth back into the bottle owned by the black ops world. But history has shown this approach doesn't really work.

Not all that unlike the wingmakers.com website, which I won't digress into here where more genie-bottle-stuffing and discrediting operations took place. The new Roswell show right - from the opening scene - had NO INTEREST in any truth or showing both sides of the issue. It was about regurgitating the worms of lies to a viewing public. John and Jane Doe watched with mouths gaping open waiting for the mother robin to feed them their predigested meal.

Another show that also aired Saturday Nov. 20th was about the infamous Kennedy assassination. According to the program guide this, too, was a new show. When I saw the opening monologue with talking head extraordinaire Peter Jennings, my radar switched into BS detection mode. There he was - another government mouthpiece operating at 100% BS capacity.

The Kennedy show began immediately with some detailed computer 3D animation proving a "one bullet" theory. The show animations *proved* (aren't computers wonderful) how Kennedy was forced to shake hands with his ancestors that terrible November day. The lie regurgitated here, was that "the single bullet theory is not a theory, but single bullet fact." Of course, the fact that eyewitnesses to secret meetings have already come forward and who are extremely credible meant nothing and was not discussed.

Not one word about the doctored autopsy photos that have already been discovered - where a large section of the late president's scalp has already been proven a few years ago using advanced analysis to have been "re-constructed" in the photo. The grey scale of that section of the president's head did not match his other nearby hair. This took place before release to the public. Image processing has proven this was done. After all - it proves without doubt the existence of at least one more shooter. Can't have that, can we? The 800+ page Warren commission report would be invalidated.

Also conveniently they left out Kennedy's Executive Order he signed the day before flying to Dallas, to abolish the "Federal" Reserve. He also included orders for the government to print their own money. All these facts were conveniently left out, too. But while showing Kennedy de-planing in Dallas, the narration almost proudly states that "he would be dead less than an hour after he stepped off the plane." And no discussion of how his motorcade route was changed at the last minute to go by the Depository. Minor details of course...why should we clutter up a documentary with useless irrelevant facts?

In short, the program was - and is - a despicable, unforgivable insult the our nation.

Watching this "documentary" was like watching a little girl playing hop-scotch: these two shows leaped completely over any details that would have put their "correct theory" into the sanitizing sunlight. If I remember correctly, it will air again Monday night Nov. 22nd. The control freaks want everyone to have a chance to learn the *right* version of what supposedly happened.

Now, here's a question to answer - Peter Jennings earns 10's of millions of dollars a year doing network news. Does anyone ask WHY Jennings was the NARRATOR? Surely they don't pay his salary bracket for narration or voice-overs! One can readily see he was told to do it, to add "an air of credibility."

And so it goes. What a loss to freedom, liberty and truth now that everything is controlled. This recent History Channel programming propaganda (let's coin a new word here: program-aganda) change must have its origins at 1600 PA Ave. Who else would cause such a fast turn-around in just the past month? In the past, they have aired some programs on very sensitive subjects. Comparing them to information I know, many of these were actually quite well done and accurate. But now it appears the counter-intel people have taken the channel over. Perhaps the end has now come and this is just the first of ugly red waves of fascism to reach the shores of freedom and truth. No more truth in the press - that's now a thing of the past.

Embedded Reporters Help globalism every day

These unfortunate, brainwashed reporters are being exposed to such 'healthful' invisible battlefield toxins of bio, chem. and DU just as the soldiers are. These controlled reporters are now our primary source of news from the battlefield. You can be sure the VA won't help them when they come home. Their family doctors will be mystified by their constellation of illnesses and sicknesses, which has already been proven contagious to spouses and children. Civilian doctors are not medically trained to handle simultaneous, multiple illnesses present in battle. These same reporters will be wondering a few years from now - was that front page, one-day photo or essay worth shortening life by about 50 years or more ?

Those video reports or photos of more than 1200 DEAD GI's coming home in silence? NOT ALLOWED! That's because the public will quickly SICKEN of war, and DEMAND an end to it. We can't have that type of thing in the media to denigrate the dictator. It will show the dismal results for the start of the 100 year war we were told we must have and people will demand an end to it. You won't see any of the above on the History Channel, not now or in the future. It will all be swept under the carpet.

There seems little doubt, that our 14 year old Pomeranian is far smarter than the average American. Why? Because she hasn't been brainwashed and dumbed-down, and she isn't cowering in fear of another staged "attack." She doesn't know what the five different alert colors mean. She is happy all the time. Do you remember when people actually SMILED in public? Not anymore, because in the new police state there is little for anyone to smile about. No more retirement for most Americans, no jobs or even job security, no more merit raises or cost of living raises, no way to pay escalating energy costs for UK-owned utilities and gasoline. And the cost of food is climbing daily. But none of this will appear on the history channel either.

Remember the frog in the pot? He sat there until the water boiled and didn't jump out. That's the new American life. Being boiled into a brain-dead mentality. Many CDs are packed with subliminal or overt negative messages which are piped straight into the brain via earphones. With each sick, violent cartoon our children watch, mocking all that is good and right in America we decline just a little bit more. Newspaper and magazine lies are furthering the cliché "it must be true or they can't print it." This is why people will believe everything they see on the History Channel.

With each daily lie of the Wall Street Journal and other globalists mouthpiece publications and television shows. All piped straight into the eager and greedy one-track brains of brokers. The purpose? To instruct what these puppets are to do EACH day by alternately giving them positive news, then scaring the hell out of them with negative corporate news items. God help any investor who trusts their money to a broker that is controlled by that Journal. (Disclaimer: I'm not giving out investment advice here. See a qualified and honest broker to help you, if you can find one.) Truth aired on television has no place to support the evils of globalist control.

Changing the channel material is all about problem-reaction-solution black-ops to move the country in whatever direction the elite see fit. Just like the events of 2001 - mentioned over and over by the dictator every week to keep the fires of fear burning brightly for the simple among us. The end game of which is to justify the permanent theft of freedom from our lives. Grey kaki suits will be next - one size fits all.

So some of the last bastions of truth have now been breached. Have we asked ourselves - What will we do when truth cannot be found anymore, anywhere or anytime? When protesters will be shot like rabid animals on the side of the road? What will we do when the government tells us WE are the enemy, simply because we disagree with it? What will YOU do then? Cower in fear? Wish you did SOMETHING when you could - like right now?

I think it was Douglass during the Civil war, who said "A slave is someone who sits down, and waits for someone to free them." Look at the mid-east today - how patriots of countries are now labeled as "insurgents" and "rebels" and "terrorists." See how our soldiers treat them - for the day will come on American streets when we too, will be labeled insurgents and "seditious."

Will we be slaves to endless evil and lies, or seekers of truth? That choice will always be up to each one of us, no matter how bad it gets....and it will get very, very bad in America when it falls economically. Worse than anything you can imagine.


So, I encourage you - no longer count on saving links to articles, for they may NOT be there much longer. PRINT THEM OUT NOW, AND STORE THEM IN A SAFE PLACE! Put them on more than one CD! Do NOT trust your computer's cozy giant hard drive capacity to store them all safely for retrieval later.

Remember - anything written to your computer's hard drive, can also be deleted by anyone with or without your permission.

All versions of MS windows and firewalls have back doors in them for government access. XP has at least 5 that are known. One day you may wake up one morning or come home at night, check your email and a red screen will appear. It will tell you "treasonous patriotic files were found on your computer. These files are unpatriotic in nature and have been DELETED for reasons of national security, under the provisions provided in the Patriot Act."

Right along with all your years of carefully collected URL's in your favorite's list. Remember the book burnings of the 3rd Reich ? The 4th Reich will silentlydestroy any or all files in your computer deemed a threat, while torching library books for the pure theater and sending messages to the masses. A high tech version of Bradbury's "Fahrenheit 451." And, they will be destroying website servers that harbor and post such materials.

These public demonstrations will be used to instill fear, while forging a psychological iron shackle made of fear around the ankle of the people.

Don't think this can't happen in America ? Look at what's happening before your eyes. We are already on our way down the road toward 100% control - it's just a matter of time.
HBO also part of George Fascist Bush propaganda machine 22.Nov.2004 10:50

Ed Ward, MD

They had no problem running pro bush movie dealing with 911 and baseball with about 5 minutes of "patriot" bush throwing out the ball with his scam BS a significant portion of the movie DURING THE ELECTION.

Thanks for the note on the history channel to add to the propaganda machine.


My Best to You and Yours,

Ed Ward, MD,
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History books and classes are propaganda too 22.Nov.2004 11:31

A. Citizen

That's why I'm reading "How the Nation Was Won, America's Untold Story 1630-1754" by H. Graham Lowry. I'm reading it to try and make up for all the crap that was (almost) stuffed into my head in classrooms.

Think things look bleak now? It seems to have most always been difficult. We, most of us, are just spoiled. I don't think that's the intended message of the book, but it has jumped out at me more than once and seems worth the saying. The best of what we know America to be developed via the work of people with a vision (and knowledge of History). Through generations. In the face of apparent defeat. We are such a bunch of pansies.

Maybe this book could be billed as a pondering on "Who am I and why am I here?" of this American Republic. It's not the history we studied in school. It departs from the consensus textbooky publishing houses version often, with explanation. It has footnotes and a fat enough bibliography, but remains readable even for a dunce such as myself.

I downloaded it free on the internet as a .pdf. But with only the "Reader" (free) version of Adobe Acrobat it appears sideways on monitor screen, so you'd have to print it to read it, Seems to be $13-20 as a book. Maybe in a library?

Usually History gets written by the bad guys. This ain't that.
The author
The author

pdf sideways... 22.Nov.2004 11:49

Ed Ward, MD

look at the top of the screen. see the little twisty arrow? it will rotate your screen for you.


AH...THAT WOULD BE THE .... 22.Nov.2004 13:05


THE RE-WRITE HISTORY CHANNEL...just a shame the way they present these change in the facts...like I'm to lame not to know...being just an average joe...er..alan that is.

Did your meds run out over the weekend? 22.Nov.2004 13:22

Mr. Pop

The History Channel runs a couple of docos that are counter to your pet conspiracy theories about decades-ago events, and suddenly it's a propoganda tool of...the Bush Administration? Pray, elucidate.

the channel has certainly changed 22.Nov.2004 14:55

puked viewer

I did notice in the last couple of years (after 911, basically) a change in the "History" channel (and other TV stuff too).

One thing on History that stuck out is that new show with the loud, rude "military" guy who yells at viewers like a drill seargent. Apparently he is our new, friendly History channel tourguide to war, showcasing, grandstanding and sanitizing neat toys the white house uses to kill, complete with antecdotes and tales of a historic patriotic era of "defense" of freedom or some bullshit to justify today's slaughter.

And then there's the turn professional wrestling has taken since S11: the "bad" guys are the most popular and promoted, the dehumanization acts are escalating, they even beat up women in the ring! And they call it harmless fun and drama.

These are examples that are not commercials. Commercials are even further out there. Ever wonder why there are so many car commercials? It's not to get you to buy cars, that's for sure. More like it's to get you to accept the wasteful death-traps in your society...

Anyway, you got problems with it? Click the photo!

Why are yous still watching TV? 22.Nov.2004 21:41

been there

Isn't the History Channel a Disney thing? What are you doing watching this crap?