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Secession can work!

The Free Republic Of Cascadia!
This crazy Cascadia idea can work, but to do so it will have to be desirable, polished, and presentable to the public at large. We can learn how to do this by the examples of the Lon Mabon, and other right wingnuts. The amendment to ban gay marriage is a good example (but a bad law). Its sponsers managed to get a constitutional amendment passed, we can too.

1 Learn how to write a ballot measure in Oregon in order to insert a new constitutional amendment. It can't be that hard to do! Get it printed and start gathering signatures. A safe office for organization and collection will be needed.

2 We don't need a team of legal experts to build our new government. We already have them, the state legislature. They are our tools. Let's use them for our purposes. All we have to do to start is write the amendment and get it on the ballot. The hairy details will follow.

3 The amendment requires the legislature to acheive secession from the US. They will have to do this as required by constitutional law. If its members object, they can retire, or be fired. We will elect replacements that will do as they are told by law.

4 The amendment outlines a rough 10(?) year plan to complete the task. 5 years to create the new government and establish international relations. 5 years to disengage from the US.

5 A committee (how to select them?) will oversee and report on the legislature's activity. They will have the power to create and enforce the rules of the action agenda. The committee will need to be accountable to the assigned task. (how?)

6 Creative graphics people can start now designing quality advertising. We are going to have to reach far beyond this site. Good ads can be initially online, but as the media discovers what is going on they will broadcast them. They have got to be good right from the start.

7 A dedicated, very intellegent, and absolutely excellent spokesperson needs to be found and brought into the project. This project is guaranteed to get national and worldwide attention. There will be talk shows and events to address. This person could become our first president.

There are going to be many reasonable questions that must be answered with thoughtfulness and reason. What is going to support our economy? Hemp? Organic farming?
Will the US invade us? Maybe, but we will have the Canada, Japan, the UN, and our coalition of supporters ready to send in peacekeeping troups.
Will people die in this effort? Maybe, but not too many. We will have very good press coverage of any atrocities.
Will we have a US type constitutional government? Probably, it worked pretty good until the neo-cons subverted it.
Will gays be allowed to marry? NO! Marriage is not the government's business, gay or straight. Get married in a church if you have to.
Will we have social security? A transfer of funds will be negotiated with the US to Cascadia.
Will we have health care? Of course! Will we invite Washington and British Columbia. No, this is our country to start with. They can join us later if they are worthy.
Constitutional Amendments not so easy 22.Nov.2004 09:36

He Who Is Unsure

If you ask Oregonians in Action, who desperately wanted to change the Oregon Constitution four years ago only to be thwarted by "activist judges," it's pretty darn hard to get a constitutional amendment on the books in Oregon. Measure 36 was extremely simple - in part, because as supporters said, it basically clarified a single clause in the Constitution. I bet secession would be a lot more complicated, and judges don't like complicated ballot initiatives that aim to completely change the status quo. Remember Measure 7?

Much easier to leave 22.Nov.2004 09:46


Little chance that our growing fascist government will allow this to happen.

A viable alternative is to find a friendlier place to live...


this election made me realize something 22.Nov.2004 10:30

some kid

and that is this...apparantly you can pass a constitutional ammendment of anything. Repealing the tax is a viable possibility? Everyone pays taxes, it's just an eventuality ("there are two eventualites in life, death and taxes") but we can say "no tax" if the majority of people in multnomah county want it? Kick ass, why not say "We, the free and independant people of cascadia no longer recognize a federal income tax". We don't need to officially seceed if we just pass state measures that keep the US government out of our decisions. Or, if this doesn't work, official secession would be cool too.

can southern tyrolia (northern italy) be an example? 22.Nov.2004 11:08


Southern Tyrolia (german speaking population within the Italian entity) through "terrorism" (i.e. freedom struggle)in 50's and 60's achieved a pretty good deal - local autonomy.

Well... 22.Nov.2004 12:10


2 and 7 frighten me.

2 (building our government off of the existing legislature) Our government DOESN'T WORK... how can anyone dispute this? People of color are marginalized, worked endlessly, abused, offered token positions, etc., homeless people die in the streets or are murdered, transgenders and queers are now LAWFULLY discriminated against, in addition to the usual right-wing extremist shit...or macho left wing shit, etc. etc.
Our constitution speaks of "equality and freedom" to cover up the truth- genocide, nothing less. This whole system is built to foster and keep alive genocide on many levels, a never ending class, sex, and race war... here and over seas.
Any miror of this, any interim or local goverment or nation modeled around this Amerikkkan ideology is doomed to the same awfull fate, as is anyone who supports it... except of course for the top of the heap, white males and their sidekicks. They, who the white left TO THIS DAY claim are "just the same as everyone else" will undoubtably come out on top in a system like this.

We need to look FOREWARD, not back, when it comes to progress. Nothing must remain of this dominator system, of hierarchy and oppression.

7 (Finding charismatic spokesperson) Let me just guess what color his skin will be...
heck, even if our spokesperson was a black lesbian, spokespeople are not what we need. Even anarchists don't want an anarchist spokesperson, because many of you are not. It's that simple.
No one person can represent us, answer questions for US... we all have a voice (... please excuse this ableist assumption- we all have will!) and we all deserve an equal say in EVERYTHING that happens, every decision made. This is a little something called Democracy, a foriegn idea to most democrats...

To be honest every other statement made in this post bugs me... and if this fact doesn't concern you than I will NOT support your secesion, an neither will anyone else who wants to effect real change.
(Well, I'm not going to support your secesion anyway, because it's spawned by political differences instead of human wants and needs)
Secede to Canada? What are we trying to do? Get free? Not with that plan. Too much blood is shed over numbers, figures, statistics, borders... politics, as it is. The bullshit language of cold, uncaring death.

Death to oppression- life to those not afraid to live! Enough of your constitutional shit, laws and bills. Stop writing about other people's freedom when you can only take it away!

Shouldn't be too hard to find a spokesMAN 22.Nov.2004 12:46

Not interested in a white nation

Didn't you folks read the criticism thrown your way by Laura in an earlier post?

While you're busy posing (as in the sense of being "poseurs") secession for Cascadia, you've failed to answer the original question of the land rights of those who were here earlier and were dispossessed. Maybe you need to talk with the Nez Perce? Or the original residents of Multnomah?

Oh, you can't find them? You haven't been over to Warm Springs or out by Siletz to talk with the people who actually lived in Cascadia (though they didn't call it that) for untold thousands of years. Read any treaties lately?

You're just going to seize this land because, dammit, you're white people, and that's what white people do. Check out the Pilgrims. Or the Boers.

I suggest you contact Volksfront and the Aryan Nations,who put forth the idea of secession of the Northwest over fifteen years ago. They even drew a map, conveniently containing Washington, Oregon, Idaho and other lands that they wanted to reserve for 'good Christian white folks'. Go on, check it out. Let me know if Cascadia and the Aryan Nation don't look like the same turf.

What are you going to say when they crash your party? Heck, they've even got weapons and are willing to use them (that's just a little nudge to the person who suggests that "too many people" will need to die in the process. Make certain that person offers to be first).

Sorry to prick your balloon, but try the simple step of talking with people on your block. I mean actually talking with them. Then go forth and organize a secession movement - on the Internet.

Southern Tyrolia... 22.Nov.2004 12:48


Italy is one of the few anarchist places around with zillions of entities and divisions. It seems to work there. I don't see ir working here, but who knows.;)

Ignore the troll posts. 22.Nov.2004 14:12


Don't even bothing answering the troll posts. All of us on the left in favor of secession are against creating any race based nation and they know it. There are basically two groups of people that will be trashing our movement:

(2) Activists for other causes who think you are their slaves and would rather see you working towards their ends rather than something else you feel passionate about.

Forget about "Laura" and her rant. Since she didn't provide her name, you don't even know if she is for real or which camp she is in.

Keep up the struggle. Ask youself why these people don't want you to keep up the struggle. Why is it that opposing this very small and new movement is so important to them that they spend their time monitoring the newswire and attempting to get you to go away.

you don't even have the procedure correct... 22.Nov.2004 14:57


a state cant just pull out of the union--- its prohibited by the U.S. CONSTITUTION- forget about the Oregon version. the entire nation would need to agree to it.

Step 1A...educate yourselves so you dont run around talking out of your ass.

fuck that @ 22.Nov.2004 15:08

A Cascadian Seccessionist but not of your type. mahonianervosa__at__yahoo.com

> Don't even bothing answering the troll posts. All of us on the left in favor of secession are
> against creating any race based nation and they know it. There are basically two groups of people
> that will be trashing our movement:

Fuck that...anyone who disagrees is a troll?

That sentiment is "anti-thought", moronic.

If you can't respond to people's arugments directly rather than personal name calling ("troll") attacks then do the rest of us a favor and please don't post here.

> Forget about "Laura" and her rant. Since she didn't provide her name, you don't even know if she is
> for real or which camp she is in.

This is totally fucked up -- this comment is blatently racist.

Denying racism -- without a really good explanation for why racism is not happening -- is racist in itself because it trivializes the issue of race.

If you don't understand Laura's post you should check your fucking white racist attitude.

I would hope that a free cascadia would not tolerate that kind of attitude. You are not part of my movement for a free cascadia; and you can not lay claim to anything about what Cascadia is about.

And guess what -- you didn't provide your email either. You might be a cop, not in Cascadia, or whatever.

Regardless, I think you're giving Cascadia a bad name.

> Keep up the struggle. Ask youself why these people don't want you to keep up the struggle. Why is
> it that opposing this very small and new movement is so important to them that they spend their
> time monitoring the newswire and attempting to get you to go away.

You are not part of my struggle. It includes an open mindedness toward debate and discussion and has a goal of ending all oppression, not just "freeing Cascadia".

Clever, but not clever enough. 22.Nov.2004 15:27


Silly post above. Not convinced you're for real. Anyone who translates those comments into racism needs a head doctor.

a note on the constitution 22.Nov.2004 15:54

strict constitutionalist

"its prohibited by the U.S. CONSTITUTION"

Well, treason is prohibited by the constitution. The ironic thing, of course, is that the writers of the constitution and the founders of this country committed treason in seceding from England. They did so facing far less tyranny than do people in this country today. The ideals that they worked for have been abandoned. If we wish to be true to the spirit on which this government was founded (and I'm sure many people do and do not wish that) than returning to those ideals, and even improving upon them is the only course of action.

But how many of us are willing to walk that walk? Many of the people who fought hardest for the founding of this country led miserable lives and had their names largely lost to history. But they fought because they believed in the principles of liberty. We may do worse things than fight for those principles today.

Cascadian perspectives 22.Nov.2004 16:52

adili admin@reemergence.org

Talk of secession without a plan for peaceful existence afterward runs the risk of being as bloodthirsty and short-sighted as current US policy. Speaking of a new nation in terms of guns, flags, and maps is at heart imperialist. What reason would anyone have to follow a war leader when there's no 'promised land' on the other side except yet another leader saying "Trust me?"

It's not treason to talk about political systems. How about we take the discourse somewhere other than the bank, the arms dealer, or the graveyard for a change?

Don't agree. 22.Nov.2004 18:19


"Talk of secession without a plan for peaceful existence afterward runs the risk of being as bloodthirsty and short-sighted as current US policy."

Secession is an expression of the right to self determination. One does not demand one's rights only in conjunction with a plan to use them. For example, if the issue of free speech were on the table, would you argue that it would irresponsible of me to put it on the table without first laying out how I could use it without the dictator shooting me in the head? Of course you wouldn't. Secession is the same thing. It is a right.

It does not make sense to lay out over contingency for secession before starting a secessionist movement. No one know where the boundaries will be and the public has yet to be exposed sufficiently to the idea to provide input into it. Until it becomes a topic of pressing concern, it makes no sense for come group of individuals to "make plans" for everyone else.

Secession is something that you should argue for, if you believe in it, but not plan out how it will be in the end for that is the right of the people of Cascadia and not the secessionist.

There is nothing imperialistic about self determination. Self determination is the OPPOSITE of imperialism. What is imperialistic is the belief that someone in Arkansas or Texas has any say over what Cascadians do.

this land is not ours to claim 22.Nov.2004 21:35


Good points brought up by everyone, we need to look at race, class and other "isms" before jumping headfirst into a "Cascadia" secessionist movement. One of the main points is that this land does not belong to anyone of European descent, we first need to recognize that we're all immigrants to this land and the First Nations are the original caretakers of these mountains and rivers we refer to as Cascadia, or Oregon, CA, etc..

This doesn't mean that European, Asian, and African immigrants in America can't live together with Native Americans, all free and autonomous from US imperialism, engaging in fair trade with other peoples (Canada, Asia, S. America, etc..) To restore balance, we immigrants need to return the land to the care of indigenous Native American people, this is the only path to healing the wounds of America's colonialism..

The process of secession doesn't need to be anything official, a gradual secession with as little fanfare as possible would probably be safest with regard to a violent response from the imperialist US. If we seem like a bunch of goofy, geeky wimps who can't get anything accomplished, we may actually live to see this happen..

Meanwhile, the seeds we planted will begin to germinate and the salmon will return to the rivers once the dams are decomissioned and removed. Someday the bison and antelope will return to the plains..

talking about racism 22.Nov.2004 23:19


so let me understand this. by not seceeding we will remain in a country that is not racist? look at the "settlement" of the americas, new zealand, australia and control of asia and africa by europeans. that was racism to its core. in the usa it took a civil war to seriously address the view that another human was not property and that was just about one "race". blacks still after a bloody war had to face decades of jim crow laws. ataturk's turkey acknowledged a woman's right to vote before the usa did. so here we are in a new century and at a global crossroad where we could choose to work within a fascist regime or break it into parts with various secessionist groups. and in that reevaluation of who we are we could address social injustices that the american legacy has dumped onto us and from that create a new country with new hopes and new realities. we could address the issues of social injustices that have been used to divide us. we could reexamine the use of poverty that drives with fear the workers to burnout. we could ask why we have divided communities. we can readdress funding of social services and infrastructure that has divided the communities between property owners and service providers. why the hell would we wish to continue being part of an empire that has used us as ponds in their game of greed.

we should not be defending why we should secede. but we should be asking why would we want to remain part of a socio-political and economic system that thrives off the suffering of others? how does cascadia benifit in being in an abusive relationship? cascadians should not be on the defensive. this is a question about the morality of the usa. its is about the erosion of core values of a country that hails itself as the champion of democracy. this is about a country that claims equality for all as long as you are the corporate elite. this is about a country was founded on anti-imperialism that has become an empire. so those who claim we should not form cascadia we ask you this why should cascadia remain part of a hypocritical system that feeds off of global injustices?