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KBOO Morning News Story List 11/22/04

We publish the headlines so you can review the stories and do the research yourself! Also, let us know if we missed anything important.
Chris Andreae worked the internet today. Blaine Palmer Anchored, and Sue Ryan ran the board. Patrik Angstrom Poore produced the news.


FBI is worried about terrorist crop dusters in Oregon

Bend offers help for you to sue under measure 37

Hardy Meyers says watch out for Pay For Service phone and modem scams

Seaside businesses upset about the redesign of US 101

Andy Seaton reports on the Death of Democracy demo last Saturday

Republicans split over civil unions in the wake of the elimination of same sex marriage

Conservatives come to the realization that banning same sex marriages will not cure divorce

Roseburg residents concerned about goddess worship in statue of Hebe flak

LA's MLK jr hospital trauma ward may be shut down

Redefeat Bush protested at the White House last week

Republicans fighting over intelligence restructuring

Venezuelan prosecutor of coup conspirators murdered

72 year old great grandmother volunteers to go to iraq

Bounties placed on Americans in Iraq

Journalists being sent to prison for not revealing their sources

US soldiers contract rare blood infection

Rwanda snubs UN forces

Chinese Walmart Overview

Ukraine holds an election and Bush wins!

50,000 protest in Santiago at APEC summit

Man arrested in "Leaf Rage" incident

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