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election fraud

Map: Ohio Election Incidents

Want to make this available in a JPG format so people can copy it into a WORD .doc and print it up to plaster around. My assumption is that it would be a good attention-getter.
(Note: ORG, not .com) I copied it from the .pdf file.
a note about the counties 22.Nov.2004 23:05


notice how several of the counties reported here border ohio state lines? -- most of the counties here are next to a border county too. I don't have a regular ohio map handy, are those two counties in the middle of ohio big cities/urban areas?

Yes 23.Nov.2004 20:59

most of

the gray areas are population centers

yes 25.Nov.2004 11:26


Cleveland at top; Columbus in center; Youngstown (big steel industry area) metro area on NE border and Cincinnati (think Proctor and Gamble country) on SW border. Toledo is in there, too. Is that Akron I see? (think Goodyear) All the major Ohio cities. Oh and not to forget, looks like East Liverpool on the lower east side near W VA, the Toxic Waste Dump of America! no kidding.