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Evolution in Action: 5 Hunters Shoot Each Other

BIRCHWOOD, Wis. - A dispute among deer hunters over a tree stand in northwestern Wisconsin erupted Sunday in a series of shootings that left five people dead and three others injured, officials said.
Hunting Season, Right?
Hunting Season, Right?
Jake Hodgkinson, a deputy at the county jail, identified the suspect as Chai Vang but would give no additional details. Several news organizations in Minneapolis-St. Paul reported the suspect was 36-years-old and from St. Paul.

The incident happened when two hunters were returning to their rural cabin on private land in Sawyer County and saw the suspect in one of their tree stands, County Chief Deputy Tim Zeigle said. A confrontation and shooting followed.

It's not known who shot first, Zeigle said.

Both men were wounded and one of them radioed back to the cabin. Other hunters responded and were shot, he said. Some of the victims may have shot back at the suspect, Zeigle said.

The suspect was "sniping" at the victims with a SKS assault-style rifle, Zeigle said. He was "chasing after them and killing them," he said.

The dead included four males, including a teenage boy, and a woman, Zeigle said. The man who radioed for help was not fatally wounded. Some of the victims were shot more than once.

All five were dead when officers arrived, he said.

Authorities found two bodies near each other and the other three were scattered around the area, which is near Town of Meteor in southwestern Sawyer County. Two people who stayed in the cabin emerged safely after the shootings.

The suspect, who did not have a compass, got lost in the woods and two other hunters, not knowing the man was being sought in the shootings, helped him find his way out, Zeigle said. When he emerged from the woods, a Department of Natural Resources officer recognized the deer license on his back, given to police by a victim, Zeigle said.

The man was out of bullets when they arrested him, Zeigle said.

One of the injured hunters was in critical condition at St. Joseph's Hospital. Another was listed in serious condition and the third was in fair condition, both at Lakeview Medical Center.

Wisconsin's statewide deer gun hunting season started Saturday and lasts for nine days.

Bill Wagner, 72, of Oshkosh, was about two miles away near Deer Lake with a party of about 20 other hunters. He said the incident was "very upsetting."

After they got word of a shooting, he and others went to round up the rest of the party. He said they heard sirens, planes and helicopters and noticed the surrounding roads blocked off.

"When you're hunting you don't expect somebody to try to shoot you and murder you," he said. "You have no idea who is coming up to you."

The incident won't stop their hunt, he said.

"We're all old, dyed-in-wool hunters," he said. "We wouldn't go home because of this but we will keep it in our minds. We're not forgetting it."

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Wisconsin..... 21.Nov.2004 23:20


.... That's a red state.... isn't it?

nope 22.Nov.2004 00:03

it s a

blue state

No... 22.Nov.2004 00:05


...it's a blue state, but then so are eastern Washington and Oregon, for instance.
for what it's worth
for what it's worth

fuck red and blue states 22.Nov.2004 12:38

hunters are sick

You people are idiots. Sorry for the name calling but it DOES NOT matter whether it was a red or blue state. Kerry is a hunter too and used it to get more votes. Fuck Red and Blue and Fuck Republicans and Democrats. I am not too sad that these people died. "When you're hunting you don't expect somebody to try to shoot you and murder you," he said. "You have no idea who is coming up to you." hmmm that seems like possibly what a deer or any other animal they hunt would say. I think these guys got what they asked for.

a deers perspective 22.Nov.2004 14:00


"When you're hunting you don't expect somebody to try to shoot you and murder you," he said. "You have no idea who is coming up to you."

i bet this is what deer think too! stupid hunters!

Useless article 22.Nov.2004 14:45

shades of grey

So some guy who clearly has issues decided to shoot a bunch of people. Clearly, we should jump at conclusions at the intelligence of all people from the "Red" states. You know, I think I will just start voting ultra conservative from now on b/c I for one am fucking sick and tired of the this attitude that somehow people who are from the so called red states or support conservative causes are somehow not as smart as us liberals. People with this attitude are just as much to blame for the deep division in the US as the conservative christians. The conservatives like to talk about the Liberal elite, and as long as people act as if they
are somehow smarter than others b/c they support progressive causes, we are falling right into their trap
and we don't even see it.

Sick fucks 22.Nov.2004 15:48


You people are assholes. Living things were murdered, if you have no appreciation or compassion for that then you are just as sick as meat eater. Your comments make me want to start eating meat just to spite you. This simply resonates the disconnect between many animal rights hardliners and other activists who seek a world of peace and compassion. Interestingly, the preceding comments are most reminiscent of advocates of the death penalty. Always should check your logic before spouting off. Guess your either with the animals or against them huh? Why is that the animal rights hardliners are so concerned with exacting vengance on the world? Maybe you should go to Iraq where you can kill other terrorists.

For a movement of compassion, you are utterly devoid of it. animals shouldn't die but people should huh?

sometimes i DO think some people deserve to die 22.Nov.2004 17:05


S'ens, it is kind of hypocritical to say that no animals should be killed, but then go and laugh when some hunters get killed. however, does the average deer, frolicking through the woods, eating berries and hanging out with his deer buddies, this deer isn't hurting anyone and poses no threat, does he deserve to die? of course not. a lot of hunters and people who don't know any better (read: uneducated on the subject) say that hunting is good because deer are usually overpopulated and we hunt and murder them so that some don't starve to death when there isn't enough food to go around. does anyone else see the obvious here....HUMANS ARE OVERPOPULATED, when is it going to be OK to hunt and murder humans?
so, these people that were killed, did they deserve it? who knows. is it funny? yeah kinda. unlike the deer, most humans don't just frolick through the woods and hang out with their buddies. most humans pay for the torture and murder of "food" animals. most humans add to the destruction of the earth with their vehicles. most humans don't give the earth what it is trying to give us back, sustainability.
so yeah, it is kinda funny. the same kind of funny as if georgie w were to choke on a glass of oil. irony.

ignorance is dangerous 22.Nov.2004 18:28


this thread reveals the depth of our alienation from the natural world, that we should completely remove ourselves from the process of life. we are animals. hunting (remember? hunting and gathering?) has had a huge impact on our evolution as a species, both physical and mental.
for "primitive" hunters, the tracking, killing, consuming, and utilizing of an animal was sacred.
the issue today is with hunting in the context of industrial technology, our lack of a sacred connection with the earth (though some modern-day hunters would dispute this), and a world completely out of balance. i'm not sure what to think but it definitely doesn't seem black and white to me.
we need to challenge the foundations of civilization, not sit in our urban enclaves arrogantly granting animals "rights".
i recommend checking out author paul shepard (if you're brave enough to challenge your own assumptions from time to time)-- books like "thinking animals" and "the tender carnivore".
you never know, you might be surprised.
i assume most of the above posters are vegan. veganism makes sense to me in the context of not supporting the industrial production and use of animals for human consumption (in an important sense, hunting supports this position, right?), but as an over-arching moral objection to the killing of any other being, it is utterly stunted thinking. if you're going to hew consistently to that line, are you going to consider the processes that have led us to this manipulative, exploitative, shameful relationship to the earth and all its life? take a stand against the un-wise, shortsighted hubris of our species in all of its manifestations?

response 22.Nov.2004 18:47


Strongbad-your prose proves my point. I'm sure you all have family members/friends who are a lot less radical. If you're from ORegon, maybe they're even hunters. If someone senselessly murdered them, I think you'd probably be upset. But the fact you can dissassociate yourself from their deaths and joke at the situation doesn't make you a compassionate activist, it makes you short sighted and immature.

On your logic, anyone who commits murder or some kind of heinous offense is somehow deserved of punishment. As I said before, this is the logic of the death penalty, and the prison-industrial complex in general. Hey, I got a great idea, let's build more prisons, with a whole wing dedicated to animal abusers. They DESERVE to rot in jail. Right?

The class and race implications here are striking as well. Suppose we made it a crime to hurt animals. Well, the vast majority of animal rights activists are middle class white kids. I'm sure there are exceptions to this rule, but its still a rule. I suppose it was just an accident that it would imprison more minorities than whites, right? Just like crack v. cocaine, pot v. alcohol, and felonies like vagrancy to restrict the right to vote.

Funny, ironic:
Would it be funny if a poor person was run over by a car on their way to pick up welfare lard. John Lewis, a civil rights leader, was in Portland over the summer. He grew up on a farm, tending to chickens and pigs. No doubt he's still a meat eater. Would it be funny if he went back to his family farm and accidentally shot himself when he was going to slaughter a pig? I think these are things we need to think through, because you just make yourself sound spoiled. They don't have Edensoy everywhere in the world you know. Are you familiar with certain Indigineous communities insisting upon their treaty rights to hunt and kill whales? Do you actually have enough arrogance to tell them what they are doing is wrong in the face of their history?

Your point about hunting--what the hell do you know about overpopulation? Have you ever been to Wisconsin? The deer are overpopulated, they do starve to death. Part of the reason for this is that there are no natural predators. OF course, they kill animals too and eat them, but I guess that's ok for some reason even though if these hunters kill and eat them its wrong. Sidenote: research how regulated hunting in Africa has helped preserve entire ecosystems. If we had listened to you there, there would be nothing left except for rhino's with their horns cut off and a destroyed ecostystem where few species live at all. Great victory!

So lets kill em, lock em up, ostrasize them, label them, and stereotype them. Its certainly made the world a better place before and its sure to work again. Jeb 2008!

thank you 22.Nov.2004 19:00


for the common sense.
i meant to thank you and shades of grey in my last post.

I Do Know About Wisconsin 22.Nov.2004 20:37

Never saw a starving deer

So I do know a little about Wisconsin as I am from the state next door. S'ens you do make some valid points but you have been mislead about a few things as most people have. Deer, contrary to what most people believe, are not starving to death in the midwest. Never have been. Sorry but it is the truth. Now there may be some hungry deer, but they just move into the suburbs and eat people's shrubs and bushes. Which is the main reason people want them eradicated. Another is that they compete with the dairy cows for the little forage and the hay that is given them. Oh yeah and cars cause them to have accidents.
Now most people wont buy this fact as they have been brainwashed for years and years so that the quota on deer can remain high if not climb higher. But the simple fact remains that the permits to shoot deer are overwhemingly for bucks. This of course severly weakens the gene pool but that is another dicussion. Back to the shooting of bucks; especially trophy bucks. If the state were serious about depleting the population, they would have hunters shoot the does first. If this were done, hunts would only have to take place every few years. But instead the biggest and finest are slaughtered. This is because it is looked upon as a cash crop. And something about ego/dominance but that too is for another discussion.
Shoot me down if you want (sorry for the pun) but I grew up unfortunately hunting and fishing in the midwest so I feel I know a little about this subject.
So carry on the discussion about compassion and whatnot, just dont dilute it with lies about the need for hunting.

If my figures are correct, the average meat eater 22.Nov.2004 21:48


is responsible for 87 individual animal deaths per year. That's 5x87=435 animals saved from the torture and despair of farming next year! Cool.

the mote in your eye... 22.Nov.2004 22:37


...all the 'vegans' posting here pay their taxes, 'cause if they don't they'll wind up in jail. those taxes pay for the roads, on which an estimated six billion animals get slaughtered by cars 'n trucks each year, not to mention the tax money that goes into subsidies for industrial agriculture, industrial farming, et al. so all your hands are bloody, too, and your pathetic little gesture at defiance by not eating meat doesn't buy you quite as much moral capital as you would like to believe. p.s. free range yuppie is delicious!

Eat My Carrots :-) 23.Nov.2004 00:57


i am vegan!!!i do not pay taxes!!!! i have not paid taxes for years and i am not in jail!!!
so f%@$ you!!!!

well, it's really about 23.Nov.2004 12:49


karma, the golden rule, whatever. i only wish that people hunting with sophisticated guns that have laser pointed targeting devices and all the other crap, i really think they'll get what they deserve. it's one thing to be a naturalist/survivalist and kill animals for food, like with a bow and arrow where the animal at least has a chance. it's quite another thing to use a gun that any 6 year old could use to kill an animal, what kind of a chance does that animal have?
so, maybe one day these hunters will be hunted with the very same sophisticated weaponery that they're using, whether they're hunted by deer with guns or humans with guns, it seems to me that the whole "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" should not apply to just human to human interaction.
and, yes, i'm from the midwest, i have a large family and one of them hunts with an aforementioned gun. if he got killed with a gun, i would think it was kinda funny

silly little comment by "cheapshot" 24.Nov.2004 00:37


What's up with the comment about taxes and how vegans have blood on their hands....?? Hmmmm.... I'm vegan, have been for years, and I realize where my taxes go (oh and you left out how we're also paying for the torture labs at OHSU's primate research center in Hillsboro) but that doesn't mean I condone any of that. In fact it makes me sick. But I have to pay taxes because I have to work to pay rent and eat. As for my "pathetic little gesture at defiance by not eating meat" - I don't think it's pathetic at all, and I'm happy to say that I am proud of the fact that I am vegan and don't support animal cruelty. Paying taxes is something I can't do anything about, eating animal flesh is. Get it??