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Deer Hunter Kills 5 people over deer stand.

Chai Vang is being held in the Sawyer County Jail
EXELAND, Wis. - Five hunters were shot dead and three others injured after a dispute in northwestern Wisconsin.

The confrontation began around noon in a rural area southwestern Sawyer County. Authorities said a hunting party returning to their deer shack saw a hunter unknown to them occupying one of their tree stands. They confronted the hunter, and were apparently shot.

One of the shooting victims used a walkie talkie to radio back to their deer shack for help. When the victim's hunting partners came to the scene, they were also shot.

Sawyer County was in a virtual lockdown as authorities searched for the gunman. One suspect was eventually taken into custody around 5:15 p.m.

The suspect, Chia Vang is being held in Sawyer County Jail.

Officials at Lakeview Medical Center in Rice Lake said they treated three gunshot victims. They said one of the victims was transported to a hospital in Marshfield, Wis. Another victim is in critical condition and is undergoing surgery. The third victim is in fair condition in the intensive care unit.


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Finally a hunter who can hit a target! 22.Nov.2004 09:06


Seems the omens are out there hunters.
Give it up. If y'all need some place to wear your fatigues and drink beer while you ride in your Dodge Diesel pickups, join the Army.

More omens from Alabama:
A deer movement has been started faux settlers beware!
A deer movement has been started faux settlers beware!


Cait Ireland

I find it disappointing that that Madison, Wisconsin IndyMedia Site does not have a news article or opinion about this very important case. Cheers to Portland for covering the story.

Over five years ago a Japanese Exchange Student was shot down in a suburban neighborhood when he didn't understand the word FREEZE; unlike the unarmed student, it appears that Mr. Chai Vang had the opportunity to defend himself against bigotry and violence. I hope that this IndyMedia site will look into Mr. Vang's accusations and continue to cover this important story.

Either way, the truth needs to be exposed.