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Bush Gets Served

Mainstream hip hop wakes up: Xzibit delivers a frontal assault against GWB in the opening track on his new album
I got the advance of Xzibit's Weapons of Mass Destruction this morning, and even though I had already heard that it contained attacks on Bush I was shocked both by how cleverly they were done, and how explicitly stated the condemnations of our newly elected second-term President were.

The first track on the album is entitled State of the Union, and consist of snippets of Bush speeches, re-arranged to project a slightly different message.

----Start Transcript----

Tonight I want to take a few minutes to discuss a grave threat to peace.

The dictator who is assembling the worlds most dangerous weapons is here in our own country. He's a homicidal dictator who's addicted to weapons of mass destruction. He's proven he's capable of anything.

The tyrant is me.

I've directed members of the administration to support the use of violence against all of you. I will kill thousands or hundreds of thousands of innocent people in our country and across the world.

I - uhmmm - resolve to bring sudden terror and suffering with horrible poisons, and diseases, and gases. Men and women, boys and girls - thousands of civilians - will be killed in a single day, bombed at random, and without remorse.

My ultimate ambitions are to control the people of the United States, and to blackmail the rest of the world with weapons of mass terror - weapons of mass destruction.

----End Transcript----

It may not be much, but I am always happy to see anything coming out of the MTV branch of pop-hop that is political.

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Bush deserves it! 25.Dec.2004 16:34

Chad Lilly cjlilly@ualr.edu1

Every bad mouthing our terrible tyrant of a president receives he rightfully deserves. Not one person, form the dumbest to the brightest person, can give any valid reason why we are at war with a country that did nothing to us. President Bush is an idiot and does not deserve four more years in office. If Clinton had done the things Bush has, he'd been impeached way before the slip up with Lewinsky, which is not near as worse as sending our troops to war based on speculation. As a political science graudate, I now realize how bad of a president Bush actually is. War is always supposed to be the last reasort and in this case this was not. Plus it is not a Just War and there is a hidden agenda, oil, behind this war. I call for Bush to resign. I hate our president because I love this country too much to see it go into the crapper. He has no record and sucks. I am not unpatriotic either, after all we live in a democracy where the definition of patriotism is when you can speak out against the administration that you feel is in the wrong.

Thank You
P.S. Why was Kerry not elected? He was smarter, more eloquent and knew the issues better than Bush.