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Websites Or Information on Corporations

I am looking for websites or information concerning corporations and companies that have branches in Portland (especially at the Lloyd Center or Pioneer Place Mall). I imagined this would be an easy topic to research, but I was unable to find any solid information. If anyone has any information could the please post it here or email it to me at  tuffdharma@gmail.com
We are trying to find information about the companies at Lloyd Center or Pioneer Place Mall. On Buy Nothing Day (Nov. 26th) we hope to have verifiable information readily available to the consumers on why they should consider doing their shopping at more environmentally/socially responsible stores instead of the large corparations at the malls. We have lists of these alternative businesses but I could not find sufficient information on the negative aspects of those large corporations. We want solid facts, we have enough opinions. I know this information exists, please help me find it.
try here 21.Nov.2004 23:38