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Amerika 2014

Dubya's Empire In 2014.
Dubya's Empire In 2014

As George II begins implementing his mandate, many Americans are finding themselves confused about why
so many other Americans "voted" for Dubya.
His first term has been riddled with lies, deceptions,and failures, and which will continue
unabated in his second term.
This re-selection, an unknown (to the public) and
vital part of the Republican agenda, which can be
best defined as a management of perception.

This so-called "perception management", is the
declaration by the Bushite regime that truth and
honesty are totally unnecessary.
This "perception management", is merely what the White
House used to persuade the American people that
everything the Bushite regime told them is the truth.
During the first term of George II, the administration
used this "perception management", to assert their
"facts" to the American public, the "facts" that
Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, the "fact"
that it was Iraq that was responsible for September
11, and the "fact" of the links between Saddam
Hussein, Usama bin Laden, and al Qeada.

Some Americans still believe these "facts" to be
true, these lies and deceptions that were broadcast
daily on mainstream medias, like the report on CNN
(the Censored News Network), which said that many
Americans know that the war in Iraq is a "war on
terror", notwithstanding that these "facts" have been
consistently exposed for the lies they really are.
Iraq has never been involved in any acts of
international terrorism.

In a recent article in the New York Times, the
"perception management" strategy, explained by
an advisor of Dubya, who sneered at the American
public, saying that some Americans live in a sphere
of reality, and that solutions come from an
understanding of that reality.
"That is not the way America or the world works.
America is an empire, and America creates its own

Dubya's administration, which creates its own
realities, is hard to take, but the truly scary
part of this Bushite reality is that millions
of Americans "voted" for Dubya -- and that his
second re-selection was based on total fraud,
lies, and deceptions, just as it was with his
first selection.

The Bushite regime has been extremely adept at convincing the American public to accept its
versions of reality.
Many American still believe that Iraq had weapons
of mass destruction, and that Saddam Hussein had
ties to Usama bin Laden and al-Qaeda, and that Iraq
was responsible for September 11; in spite of the
truth that these "facts" have been shown to be
nothing but fabrications created by the Bushist

The war in Iraq is not a "war on terror".
The Bushist regime have used "the perception
management" on the American public, for years,
such as Dubya and Cheney falsely linking the war
in Iraq with September 11.
Another whopper laid on the American public by
George II, was the lie that weapons of mass
destruction had indeed been found in Iraq.

People around the world have heard the lies
spewed by the Bushist regime, repeated ad nauseum,
such as the "fact" that an invasion and occupation
of Iraq was necessary to prevent further attacks
on the U.S. by Iraq.
This lie, like all the other lies, are simply
not true. The truth is that it was revealed in
a cabinet meeting in January, 2001, that the
Bushite regime had already planned to wage a
war in Iraq, nine months before September 11,

George II ranted that he would do what he wanted
to punish those responsible for 9/11 -- but those
remarks were made after the Bushist regime flew
planeloads of the Saudi "Royal" Families, including
a number of Usama bin Laden's family members, out
of the U.S., on the q.t.

It is strange that the Bushist cabal were rabid
about killing Usama bin Laden, but six months later,
in a complete reversal, George II said that bin Laden
has been totally marginalized, and that he does not
want to think about him, and that he does not want
to spend any time chasing him.
Later, Joint Chief of Staff, Chairman Myers, publicly
stated that the goal of the Bush administration has
never been to get Usama bin Laden.

Recommended reading: "America 2014: An Orwellian Tale"
by Jonathon Greenberg.

Check out BuzzFlash.com if you are interested in getting a copy of the book.
Fool 21.Nov.2004 18:06


Greenberg is a fool.

So are you, if you think this deception is new.