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some thoughts on cascadia

just a few things...
1) we should remember that, even if the election wasn't rigged, many of those red states were walking a very fine line between red and blue. there are many, many people all across the nation who would support cascadia and want to move there. the question i want to raise is, how might we support overpopulation from liberal red-staters taking up fort in cascadia?

2)i just think that seperating ourselves from the US will not solve anything. There will still be a fascist country with a lot of power. Nothing will change in that respect, and if all the liberals secede, then there will be no chance of anything changing. this is just what i think. are there any plans of continuing restistance of u.s. forces once we secede?

just a few things i had on my mind... if these things have been discussed already then i apologize. when is the next meeting?