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What we need to do is make each an every church connected to the 700 club uncomfortable.

We have to send a message to all of these churchs who are connected to the 700 club and make them very uncomfortable for their actions.
We have to send a message to these churchs who have alined themselves with falwell's 700 club. We have to attempt to shut down the servers that feed this un american network and keep it off the air. They have committed treason, espionage and should be considered criminals along with george w. bush.

They are indeed war criminals, just like george w. bush, dick cheney and the rest of the white house. WAE CRIMINALS.



Remember this about these so called christian ministers, they have retirement funds in the stock market and could have large amounts of their retirement in stock holdings that build WEAPONS OF MASS DISTRUCTION!!!!!

Know who your enemy is!
how do we get started locally? 21.Nov.2004 16:10


How do we go about identifying the churches in our area that preach hatred and dominionism and meddle in politics? If it can be proven that candidates were endorsed can't they lose their tax-exempt status?

wacky 21.Nov.2004 16:40



I'm no fan of the 700 Club, but EVERYBODY'S retirement is either in the stock market or in Social Security, which goes into T-Bills which go right back out the door to bomb Iraq. Is this a call to make everybody who participates in the economy "uncomfortable"? Then what's the 700 Club got to do with it?

Why bother with "we," why don't you start with "you"? 21.Nov.2004 17:52

A Person

If your going to do something then do it. Stop sitting on your ass in front of the computer waiting for someone else to come up with something so you can join it. Get out there and do something!

we have got to talk to everyone 21.Nov.2004 18:04

blood-thirsty Christian

I think it's a good idea to mobalize against the rightous christians. because they act as enablers to the Fascists. Granted, these Churches do not make amaagedon bombs themselves. But they do vote in the Politicians who sign the orders and give blessings and moral cover to the pilots who dump them.

I would be very interested in picketing one of thier services as well as sneeking in a recording device to catch them illegall campaigning for one of their Right Wing politician friends.

If we want to change the social dynamic of our world, what better place to start than on their home turf. Why not be pro-active and to to where the people that we dis-agree with are congregaed and try to seed doubt and change minds. I myself am tired of to going nice safe demos in Pioneer Square.

I'm not a Christian myself, but I'm sure that there are plenty of poingant quotes from Jesus that will illustrate the Progressive message to the faithful. And I think that it would be good for the planet to at least make the attempt to convert these blood-thirsty Christians into love-focused Christians. Because for each one that switches, the ranks of the Planet Killers decreases by one while the Progressives increase in number.

Thanks to the original publisher. I read PdxIndy every day, and would love to hear what others have to say.

listen here...to be truly effective 21.Nov.2004 21:06


must know that the 700 CLUB is run by Pat Robertson rather than Jerry Falwell-a slight difference

lost cause 21.Nov.2004 23:34

I know

I have contact with young republicans who are often christians in my OSU commuity.
Many of these guys and gals sign up for college tuition via the military and they allow themselves to believe they are serving a higher purpose. I discuss my left-of-center-view points with them but they won't accept anything outside the military box until THEY see how they sold their soul for education.
How to stop the religious right from doing more damage? Alternate financial resources for education.
And as far as Pat Robertson is concerned...Jim and Tammy were found out as frauds hopefully Pat, et al will suffer the same fate.

Expose them for what they are 22.Nov.2004 08:10

The Secretary

Infiltrate their churches and meetings. Get a record of their evil agendas and publish your findings. Moles in their midst will not only provide illumination of their hate agendas but will evoke monkey wrenching paranoia.