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Report-back from Democracy Is Dying gathering

Saturday afternoon, November 20, 2004, citizens disgusted with the U.S. election system gathered in downtown Portland to voice this discontent. At Northwest Park and Jefferson, people listened to music and waited for a funeral procession to march up from downtown. When this procession arrived, with painted white faces and a somber tones, a moment of silence was announced by the ringing of a Buddhist gong, whereby the people lined up and deposited previously prepared letters to the Oregonian addressing the lack of coverage of what should be the story of the century, rampant voter fraud and voter disenfranchisement which took place in the recent 2004 national election.

After several people spoke, a few of the organizers as well as some of those who were there in support, the gathering marched down to the Oregonian offices. Here amongst chants voicing their disapproval and outrage at Corporate Media cowardice, the letters were counted before being turned over to the Oregonian. The total was 96 letters.

AUDIO FILE from event
The 30 minute file contains speakers who addressed the crowd, moderated by Elizebeth Atly of Code Pink Portland. The majority of those speaking were people from the crowd who took advantage of the open mike offered by the organizers. Organizers offered brief remarks also... The voices who spoke at the gathering were eloquent, passionate and disgusted with both the fraudulent election and Corporate Media's refusal to publish accurate and detailed accounts of widespread problems. Many expressed concern that if this is allowed to pass unchallenged, Democracy, as we know it in this country, will die.

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