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AUDIO FILE: Democracy Is Dying

This is an audio file of the speakers at the Democracy Is Dying event which took place in the South Park Blocks on Saturday, November 20, 2004. This event was organized by Actions Speak Portland and Clean Vote
The 30 minute file contains speakers who addressed the crowd, moderated by Elizebeth Atly of Code Pink Portland. The majority of those speaking were people from the crowd who took advantage of the open mike offered by the organizers. Organizers offered brief remarks also. All who spoke, as well as those who attended, expressed outrage that the media refuses to cover the extensive evidence of voter fraud and disenfranchisement which took place during the 2004 presidential election. After the remarks by the various speakers, the gathering walked to the offices of the Oregonian Newspaper to voice their disapproval in person by delivering 96 letters to the Newspaper.
The voices who spoke at the gathering were eloquent, passionate and disgusted with both the fraudulent election and Corporate Media's refusal to publish accurate and detailed accounts of widespread problems. Many expressed concern that if this is allowed to pass unchallenged, Democracy, as we know it in this country, will die. After the 2000 election problems and subsequent capitulation of both the Democratic Party and the Corporate Media, this is hardly an exagerration
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Democracy Is Dying

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