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Three Local Restaurants Drop Foie Gras

What a week! Mr. Hurley agreed to take foie gras off his menu Saturday night after activists visited his restaurant every Friday and Saturday night for 3 weekends in a row, Wednesday The Heathman Restaurant agreed to take foie gras off of their menu on National Day of Action Against Force Feeding and now, the owner of Brasserie Montmartre has told me they have removed foie gras from their menu and will not be serving it any longer.

We are 4 for 4 here! This is big! But, there are 4 businesses left that we know of that still sell foie gras. Restaurants are The Blue Hour and Navarre and grocers are City Market NW and The Pasta Works. We just recently sent a video and letter to Navarre and Pasta Works so we feel we need to give them time to review the information before following up with them. We will do that early next week.

We are planning our next strategy and will be in touch very soon. We will not be having any demos this weekend. We feel energized. We are anxious to keep the campaign momentum going.

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duck in tiny cage, waiting to be made into foie gras
duck in tiny cage, waiting to be made into foie gras