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VICTORY!!!! The Heathman Restaurant Drops Foie Gras

On Wednesday, National Day of Action Against Force Feeding the Heathman Restaurant agreed to take foie gras off of their menu. 4 Down, 4 To Go!!!!!
What a week! Mr. Hurley agreed to take foie gras off his menu Saturday night after activists visited his restaurant every Friday and Saturday night for 3 weekends in a row, Wednesday The Heathman Restaurant agreed to take foie gras off of their menu on National Day of Action Against Force Feeding and now, the owner of Brasserie Montmartre has told me they have removed foie gras from their menu and will not be serving it any longer.

We are 4 for 4 here! This is big! But, there are 4 businesses left that we know of that still sell foie gras. Restaurants are The Blue Hour and Navarre and grocers are City Market NW and The Pasta Works. We just recently sent a video and letter to Navarre and Pasta Works so we feel we need to give them time to review the information before following up with them. We will do that early next week.

We are planning our next strategy and will be in touch very soon. We will not be having any demos this weekend. We feel energized. We are anxious to keep the campaign momentum going.

Thank you to all of you who have participated in the demos, written letters and made phone calls. These victories are because of all of you!

About Foie Gras:
Foie gras literally means "fatty liver" in French. Foie gras is an expensive "delicacy" made from the enlarged livers of ducks and geese. To produce foie gras, young ducks or geese have as much as seven pounds of corn mush forced down their throats through a metal pipe each day for weeks until they can barely move and are on the verge of organ rupture and death. The force-feeding process causes the ducks' livers to swell tremendously, inducing a disease that veterinarians call "hepatic lipidosis." These fattened, diseased livers are what gastronomes eat as foie gras.

homepage: homepage: http://www.stopforcefeeding.com/

Article in the A+E 20.Nov.2004 17:01


There was an article on page 19 of the A+E section of the friday Oregonian about the victories IDA has made... They made several snide remarks about how foie gras is not as cruel as it's made out to be by the protesters. I encourage everyone to write a letter in response to the article. The editor's name is Grant Butler, his email address is  gbutler@news.oregonian.com, and work his number is 503-221-8566.

Awesome! 21.Nov.2004 14:37


I realize that there's a food chain. I realize that everything eats something else in order to survive. I know that, and I'm ok with that, because when I die, my remains will be fertilizer to feed something else. No prob.

I've NEVER understood why, though, when we have the choice between being humane and being cruel, we almost always choose cruelty.

So some yuppies like goose liver, that's their preference, but what possible excuse can they have for torturing the goose to get it? I mean, honestly, how coldhearted does a person have to be, to abuse an animal just for the sake of a "luxury food product" like foie gras and veal? So they're assholes with too much money, spending it on abused goose livers just because they can.

Eat some frigging cheese and crackers like the rest of us, you capitalist pigs!

FUCK foie gras!

2 more to add 21.Nov.2004 20:44


Noble Rot was serving Foie Gras awhile back-Also Oregon Wines on Broadway downtown wine bar.

Here is some real shit human stuff to read from chapter about it..
''The Duck we raise is a hybrid, which means they all tend to be of the same size,
same weight, same physical characteristics. They are more resistant to heat and disease.
They're easier to force feed becuase YOU DON'T HAVE TO ADJUST THE EQUIPMENT or
the amount of feed. And gavage stresses the beasts, which ducks tolerate better so
we prefer them to geese. Geese only lay seasonally, and when the days get longer they
lay less....get ready...Which menas if you want goslings all year, you have to build a special
shed where you can control the amount of daylight, and that means ventilating it also
placing the spout between it's beaks and holding them closed around it.
he poured a measure of well cooked corn into the funnel. He pulled the TRIGGER
on the side of the funnel forcing the corn down the ducks esophagus and then into it's crop
which bulged visibly after the "feeding". He handled the ducks gently. "If you hurt the ducks
the liver isn't good for anything. It's got blood in it and the flesh doesn't taste good."
Looking into the other pens, where the ducks had already been fed, I saw the canard
equivalent of the first circle of HELL. Perhaps fifty ducks in a small space panting, their
mouths open, their tongues hanging out. They lurched about drunk with food. A low
trough of water runs alongthe back wall ofeach pen and the ducks drank eagerly.The
stench in the pens was two notches below overpowering.

So this evil piece of shit goes on in the book to tell the observer that
it's just "overfeeding". Ya know, like ducks do when they store fat before
migrating..Really? I see the lovely Canadian Geese sunning along the Willamette River
and they don't use funnels on one another.

GET IT OUT OF OREGON next out of this world!
Does Whole Foods still sell it?