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Prisoner Billy Cottrell Has Now Been Named A POLICE INFORMANT!!!!!!!!

ELP has some bad news.

It is with deep regret that ELP has to announce that William "Billy"
Cottrell has testified against others at his trial.
Billy Cottrell
Billy Cottrell
Earlier this week, William "Billy" Cottrell testified that he had been
present at the scene of an Earth Liberation Front action. He admitted to
painting ELF slogans and to causing criminal damage. However he then went
onto say that he did not start any fires and named two people, Tyler Johnson
and Michie Oe, who he claims were responsible for the fires.

It should be noted that, as has been proven time and time again, you can not
trust the word of a police informant, as they will happily name innocent
people to get themselves off the hook and no charges have ever been bought
against Tyler or Michie, although the FBI have now named them as "fugitive

A full report on Cottrell's trial will appear in the next issue of "Spirit
of Freedom (January 2005)" and ELP will be putting out a joint statement
with the former "Free Billy Support Network" in the next few days, after
Cottrell has been sentenced. (The "Free Billy Support Network" has been
dissolved because of Cottrell's decision to blame others).

However as of now Cottrell is regarded as a police informant and will
receive no more support from ELP.

ELP would like to apologise to all those who have supported Cottrell and we
would remind everyone that although Cottrell has turned traitor there are
many other good prisoners who need our support and we hope this will not put
you off supporting them.

For a full up-to-date list of eco-prisoners please e-mail

Jury deliberations begin in SUV arsons
>By Gene Maddaus , Staff Writer
>LOS ANGELES -- - Jurors began deliberating Thursday in the so-called
>ecoterrorism trial of Caltech graduate student Billy Cottrell, after
>listening to a prosecutor argue that Cottrell torched SUVs out of
>"arrogance and towering superiority.'
>In his closing argument, Assistant U.S. Attorney Bruce Riordan called
>Cottrell's testimony "a fictional account,' which was enough evidence by
>itself to warrant a conviction.
>Cottrell, 24, faces 35 years to life in prison if convicted on all nine
>In two hours of testimony Wednesday, Cottrell blamed fugitives Tyler
>Johnson and Michie Oe for setting fire to sport utility vehicles in
>Monrovia and West Covina in August 2003.
>Cottrell admitted to spray-painting Earth Liberation Front slogans on SUVs
>during the same spree, but said he was unaware that Johnson and Oe intended
>to throw Molotov cocktails.
>The fires caused about $2.5 million in damage.
>"He didn't throw. He didn't know,' said defense attorney Michael Mayock, in
>his closing argument. "There is no evidence zero that Billy ever threw a
>Molotov cocktail. ... He should be set free.'
>Riordan argued Cottrell's testimony conveniently abdicated all
>responsibility for the crimes to Johnson and Oe, even to the point of
>claiming that Oe was driving Cottrell's car.
>"Mr. Cottrell tried to rewrite history. He attempted to airbrush himself
>out,' Riordan said. "He's gonna drive his own car. If he's driving his own
>car, he's in it to win it. He would have told you he was riding in the
>trunk if he thought you would buy it.'
>The defense pointed out that Cottrell was universally regarded as a
>terrible driver, and said that was the reason he wasn't behind the wheel.
>Riordan characterized Cottrell's testimony as "twisted, unreasonable and
>preposterous,' and called a portion of it "dog-ate- my-homework stuff.'
>Riordan also pointed to e-mails sent to friends and anonymously to the Los
>Angeles Times that seemed to show him bragging about the attacks or
>reveling in the attention they generated.
>The defense has claimed Johnson wrote the more brazen e- mails.
>Riordan claimed Cottrell was on an "adventure high' the night of the
>attacks, and alleged that the political message was secondary to
>"He has a hostility toward anyone with different views,' Riordan said.
>"It's a dripping hostility, it's powerful sarcasm, it's a passionate
>Mayock said the prosecution's argument was based on "histrionics,' not
>evidence. He asked the jury to think twice before condemning someone who
>could "potentially be a Nobel Prize winner.'
>"With all due respect,' Riordan retorted, "Mr. Cottrell may be a genius at
>math, but does not make him a genius.'
>Riordan pointed to several mistakes Cottrell allegedly made in carrying out
>the crime, including leaving his DNA at the scene, telling friends about
>the incident, and sending the anonymous e-mails to the Los Angeles Times,
>which eventually were traced back to him and led to his arrest.
>"The biggest mistake was taking the stand and telling that story,' Riordan


Few "heros" against determined prosecution 19.Nov.2004 12:10


"Under the spreading chestnut tree, I sold you and you sold me ..." - 1984

Damn it Billy! 19.Nov.2004 12:55


I will no longer support you. I wrote to you many times and we had some good letters going back and forth. And I will also not support the people who have named Tre Arrow in their criminal acts as a leader to get a shorter sentence. I am sad that I put time and effort into showing support for you. I still don't think jail is the answer for crimes against property damage, and I do think they should let you go. You will have the community and all the people all around the world that supported you to deal with if and when you do get out of jail.
If I were you I would WANT to stay in jail!

Billy Cottrell Found GUILTY!!!!! 19.Nov.2004 13:55


Cottrell found guilty on 8 of 9 counts in SUV attacks

By Staff Reports

LOS ANGELES -- Jurors on Friday found Caltech graduate student William
Cottrell guilty in eight of nine counts in the eco-terrorist attacks on four
San Gabriel Valley automobile dealerships.
Cottrell was found not guilty of using a destructive device to commit arson,
which had a 35-life sentence possibility.

The other counts carry 5-year terms.

Cottrell admitted to spray-painting Earth Liberation Front slogans on SUVs
during the August 2003 spree, but said he was unaware that two people with
him, Tyler Johnson and Michie Oe intended to throw Molotov cocktails. The
fires did about $2.5 million in damage.

Oe and Johnson are now fugitives.

Cottrell's lawyers attributed his odd behavior in testifying to Asperger's
syndrome, a social disorder characterized by inappropriate responses to
questions and a tendency to take things too literally.

The defense had hoped to argue that the syndrome made Cottrell an easy dupe
and prevented him from extricating himself from the spree after Johnson
started setting fires. But Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Gary Klausner
ruled the condition is irrelevant.

Sold out for nothing 19.Nov.2004 14:16


So he sold his partners out for nothing? Fucking great. Fuck that kid.

"the people" ? 19.Nov.2004 14:20


Sky - you wrote "the people who have named Tre Arrow in their criminal acts as a leader to get a shorter sentence" My understanding is that only one of the people charged said this. The other two said nothing and were also screwed over by one of the accussed talking. If I am wrong on this, please let me know. If not, we should be careful about saying this that will remove support from two folks who did keep their mouths shut, are in jail, and need support.

Tre, et al 22.Nov.2004 15:31

ELP4321@Hotmail.com ELP4321@hotmail.com

I would like to confirm that only ONE person has ever made up a series of lies against Tre Arrow (who is innocent of all the charges against him). That one person, Jacob Sherman, is not supported by ELP as we have a policy of not supporting grasses (snitches).

The other two people involved with the case, Angelia M Cesario and Jeremy Rosenbloom, both pleaded guilty to setting fire to some logging trucks at Eagle Creek(as they felf Sherman had left them no other option) BUT they only admitted their own guilt. They have never suggested that anyone else was involved with the arson.

ELP believes that it is acceptable to plead guilty to an offence as long as you dont name or blame anyone else whilst doing so. Therefore we both support and encourage other people to support Angelia & Jeremy.

If anyone wants their addresses please e-mail me.

Noel M
ELP volunteer

BM Box 2407, London, WC1N 3XX, England

Who can blame him? 27.Nov.2004 05:32

atropos dieunabwendbare@web.de

Who can blame him? Who wants to spend 35 years in prison? Who can say, he would not try everything to get ot of such a horible situation? Stop being so arrogant and think you would have acted different! Why did not the person, who is really guilty, try to help him? Why don't you try to understand him? That guy was so afraid, that he sold out his partners. How much pressure must there have been, that he had to do that? Being an informant is not right, but not everyone is a "glorius martyr" and don't expect everybody to be one, try to be one yourself in such a situation!

walk in his shoes... 17.Dec.2004 19:29

appalachian activist

No one wants to spend decades in prison. Everyone needs to adhere to security culture. The pressure on this guy was likely more than we'll know. Was he really ready for that action? i.e., leaving DNA at the scene. I hope folks will take note of this action, trial, and conviction. Prisons are jammed...what's the actual time likely to be served? Think about it when you do an action, and consider if you've got priors as well. The best strategy is still; No one talks, everyone walks.

think first 30.Mar.2006 18:53


People need to take the serious nature of these actions (esp. post9\11) to heart. Having children, a life ahead of you that you want to live free, or other responsibilties should cause one to take care when making the decision to act with others. Would you really go to jail for not snitching? If you are weak, don't do the action, or at least go solo. It is difficult to think that self-sacrifice is only a popular insight of 'radical' 20-somethings. I too hope people will learn from all of this. Beliefs are crumbling and even worse, communities failing. Is is really worth it to selfishly take others down with you? Understand the ripple effects. Asses the real spiritual strenghth of yourself before acting. Just what are you really capable of?