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I'm starting to figure out that "Oregon Health Plan" is NOT the right thing to say when you walk into a clinic in Portland. So why did I bother to get ON IT then?
What am I supposed to be on? Where the hell do poor people go to see a doctor in this town? I just need somebody to write me a damn prescription once in a while.

(Good thing all those RED STATE DUMBFUCKS stopped that evil witch Hillary Clinton from MESSING WITH THEIR HEALTH CARE huh?)

And before all the black hoodie kids write back "Outside In!" ... dude, I'm WAY over 30, okay? That's a YOUTH PROGRAM.
Get out the Yellow Pages 19.Nov.2004 01:36

OHP client

And start calling. That's what I did when I lived in Portland. The first 3 places I called would not take OHP clients, because the reimbursement rates are too low, but the 4th one did. That was the:
OHSU Family Health Center at Richmond
3930 SE Division

... 19.Nov.2004 02:30



Actually... 19.Nov.2004 06:38


Outside In serves anyone in their clinic. No matter what age. It is their day program and housing services that are reserved for youth.

... 19.Nov.2004 20:36


all I know is what it says on their web site:

"Medical care is under 30 only unless urgent care or family planning is being requested."


OI 19.Nov.2004 22:08

a volunteer

I volunteer at OI, and can assure you that if you are in need of medical care you can get seen. You will need to wait in line though, as the clinic generally operates on a first come, first serve basis which can take awhile if it is busy.