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There is No One Left to Stop Them

The new conservatives have more in common with the Brownshirt movement that silenced German opposition to Hitler than with America's Founding Fathers. -- Paul Craig Roberts
There Is No One Left to Stop Them
by Paul Craig Roberts
November 19, 2004


The United States is in dire straits. Its government is in the hands of people who connect to events neither rationally nor morally.

If President Bush's neoconservative administration were rational, the U.S. would never have invaded Iraq. If Bush's government were moral, it would be ashamed of the carnage and horror it has unleashed in Iraq.

The Bush administration has no doubts. It knows that it is right and virtuous. Bush and the neocons dismiss factual criticisms as evidence that the critics are "against us."

People who know that they are right cannot avoid sinking deeper into mistakes. The Bush administration led the U.S. into a war on the basis of claims that are now known to be untrue. Yet, President Bush and Vice President Cheney consistently refuse to admit that any mistake has been made. The chances are high, therefore, that the second Bush administration will be more disastrous than the first.

The first Bush administration has cost America 10,000 casualties (dead and wounded). Eight of 10 U.S. divisions are tied down in Iraq by a few thousand lightly armed insurgents. Polls reveal that most Iraqis regard Americans as invaders and occupiers, not as liberators. U.S. prestige in the Muslim world has evaporated. The majority of Muslims who were with us, are now against us. Sooner or later, this change of mind will endanger our puppet regimes in Egypt, Jordan, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia.

In a futile effort to assert hegemony in Iraq, the U.S. has largely destroyed Fallujah, once a city of 300,000. Hundreds, if not thousands, of civilians have been killed by the indiscriminate use of high explosives.

To cover up the extensive civilian deaths, U.S. authorities count all Iraqi dead as insurgents, delivering a high body count as claim of success for a bloody-minded operation. The human cost for American families is 51 dead and 320 wounded U.S. troops - casualties on par with the worst days of the Vietnam War.

The film of a U.S. Marine shooting a captured, wounded, and unarmed Iraqi prisoner in the head at close range has been shown all over the world. Coming on top of proven acts of torture at U.S. military prisons, this war crime has destroyed what remained of America's image and moral authority.

On Nov. 17, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights called for investigation of American war crimes in Fallujah. This is a remarkable turn of events, showing how far U.S. prestige and the morale of our armed forces have fallen.

However, for Bush administration partisans, war crimes are no longer something of which to be ashamed. Reflecting the neoconservative mindset that America's monopoly on virtue justifies any and all U.S. actions, Fox "News" talking heads and their Republican Party and retired military guests have arrogantly defended the Marine who murdered the wounded Iraqi prisoner.

Iraqi insurgents are condemned for deaths they inflict on civilians. But when American troops fire indiscriminately upon civilians and U.S. missile and bombing attacks kill Iraqis in their homes, the deaths are dismissed as "collateral damage." This double standard is a further indication that Americans have come to the belief that U.S. ends justify any means.

A number of former top U.S. military leaders and heads of the CIA and National Security Agency have condemned Bush's invasion of Iraq as a "strategic blunder." These are people who gave their lives to the service of our country and can in no way be said to be "against us."

However, the Bush administration and its apologists regard critics as enemies. To accept criticism means to be held accountable, something the Bush administration is determined to avoid. Condoleezza Rice, who failed as National Security Adviser to prevent the Pentagon from using fabricated information to start a Middle East war, is being elevated to secretary of state in Bush's second term.

Indeed, the entire panoply of neoconservatives, who intentionally fabricated the "intelligence" used to justify the U.S. invasion of Iraq, are being rewarded by promotion to higher offices. Stephen Hadley is moving up to National Security Adviser. Hadley is the person who advocates "usable" mini-nukes for the U.S. conquest of the Middle East.

John Bolton is to be Deputy Secretary of State. Bolton is the person who wants the U.S. to invade Iran. The few officials who are not warmongers, such as Secretary of State Colin Powell and Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage, are leaving the Bush administration. Right before our eyes, the CIA is being turned into a neoconservative propaganda organ as numerous senior officials resign and are replaced with yes-men.

With its current troop strength, the Bush administration cannot achieve the Middle East goals it shares with the Israeli government. Either the draft will have to be restored or mini-nukes developed and deployed. As insurgents do not mass in military formations, the mini-nukes would be used as a genocidal weapon to wipe out entire cities that show any resistance to neocon dictates.

Many Bush partisans send me e-mails fiercely advocating "virtuous violence." They do not flinch at the use of nuclear weapons against Muslims who refuse to do as we tell them. These partisans do not doubt for a second that Bush has the right to dictate to Muslims and everyone else (especially the French). Many also express their conviction that all of Bush's critics should be rounded up and sent to the Middle East in time for the first nuke.

These attitudes represent a sharp break from American values and foreign policy. The new conservatives have more in common with the Brownshirt movement that silenced German opposition to Hitler than with America's Founding Fathers.

Bush's reelection, if won fair and square, was won because 20 million Christian evangelicals voted against abortion and homosexuals. However, Bush's neoconservative masters will use his reelection as a mandate for further violence in the Middle East. They intend to set the U.S. on a course of long and debilitating war.

There is no one left in the Bush administration, the CIA, or the military to stop them.


Dr. Roberts is John M. Olin Fellow at the Institute for Political Economy and Research Fellow at the Independent Institute. He is a former associate editor of the Wall Street Journal and a former assistant secretary of the U.S. Treasury. He is the co-author of The Tyranny of Good Intentions.
Activist: Draft inevitable for Iraqi war 19.Nov.2004 00:14



Activist: Draft inevitable for Iraqi war

By Lauren Sloss
November 18, 2004

A draft is inevitable if the United States maintains its military presence in Iraq, according to Bobby Muller, who spoke at Zellerbach Theatre Tuesday night. He urged all present to become informed about the current state of foreign policy.

Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1997 for his work with the International Campaign to Ban Landmines, Muller spoke about the current political climate, referencing his experience in the Vietnam War.

"My business has been war," Muller said. "It's been war for 30 years."

Muller's hourlong talk centered mostly on the war in Iraq.

"You don't want to hear this," Muller said, "but the fact is, we've lost the war in Iraq. We've passed the tipping point."

Muller continually cited the U.S. involvement in Vietnam, stating, "We paid in blood and lives to learn a lesson." Referring to the current situation in Iraq, he added, "We haven't learned anything."

Muller recommended the award-winning documentary Fog of War, which features a discussion with former Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara about his influential role in Vietnam. Muller noted McNamara's statement in the film, "We did not understand the other side," and applied this to U.S. involvement in the Middle East.

"If you take that lesson and fast-forward, what do you think the rest of the country knows about Islam?" Muller said. After a pause, he continued, "We don't know anything as a nation, and that same tragic flaw is playing itself out again."

According to Muller, the government has already formulated plans for draft registration, which would include women.

"How would you feel if five of you here get sucked in, and the rest of you were asked nothing?" he asked the approximately 40-person audience. "How do we distribute the burden of sacrifice?"

Despite his strong opinions, Muller repeatedly acknowledged his overriding purpose -- to inspire people to form their own knowledgeable opinions about current events.

"At the end of the day," he concluded, "it was the people, years too late, but it was the people that stopped the war in Vietnam."

College freshman Nitzan Sternberg described Muller's talk as "electrifying," but somewhat unsettling.

"I don't really know what I'm supposed to do at this point," she said, regarding her role as a concerned citizen. "But, I'm definitely going to think about it."

Muller served as a U.S. Marine in the Vietnam War, and in April 1969 was paralyzed from the chest down while leading an assault. Since his recovery, he has founded and led prominent organizations that deal with war and its repercussions, including the Vietnam Veterans of America, the ICBL and, most recently, the Alliance for Security.

The event, entitled "Tour of Duty," was sponsored by the International Relations Program, the Social Planning and Events Committee's Connaissance wing, the Browne Center for International Politics and the Alliance for Security.

hope you got your passport 19.Nov.2004 01:34


because if you are starting to realize what's happening...it's time to go. Unless you plan to go head to head and wind up in guatanamo, naked, chained to the floor sitting in your $hit.

The smart ones left germany before it was too late. live to fight another day.

they really must be brain-damaged crackheads 19.Nov.2004 02:36

... or else they could make up better lies

They're following the same script for Iran.

They don't even have decent writers.

They gotta recycle the same material over and over.

imperfect analogy 19.Nov.2004 02:38

where ya gonna go when they're everywhere?

The smart ones had to leave EUROPE.

This time there's no "outside Europe."

This time the whole planet is up for grabs.

Europe is occupied 19.Nov.2004 06:06

North America is occupied

Many are running to South America. This is the last refuge for enemies of the State.

Many ex-military and former government officials have relocated their families to South American cities and towns. It is not just activists that recognize the analogies to pre-Hitler Germany and the brown shirts. I believe what we are seeing this time though is a blending of the Russian bolshevik's aka neo-cons teaming up with a technological superior KGB aka Homeland security. The brownshirts use religious fervor in their embrace of their furor Bush and silence dissent as other operatives use the internal secret police to do their dirty work.

Where you gonna go, where you gonna hide 19.Nov.2004 08:22

so that's it then

Let's face it, the radical christian right, has their sites set on ridding this planet of the subversives. Does that not include jews...yes it does. For now though, they will use them, to get what they want...then they can squeeze most of the dissidents out, they will set their meat hooks into what is left. One by one, they have successfully taken out their opposition, taken over the republican party, now, we hear democrats must come closer to the middle, so they have them now too, once they completely control government, and once it is established that America is a christian nation, they will begin to persecute the other religions. For now though, they serve a purpose, it's to get rid of people like us.

Be careful what you wish for. One nation under god must not be mistaken for one nation under all gods, we know which god they mean. The good one right?

Unless, heheh, bush is using the christian right too, seems like he is, to get what he wants...so everybody is using everybody to get what they want. Bush should make this a reality show, he'd make allot of money and we'd all watch on fox. In fact, shut down everything but fox, we need government sponsored tv too. Maybe 24 hours of the 700club telling us how they plan on taking over the world would do all of us some good...don't believe me, here it from their own mouths.

 http://www.theocracywatch.org (peep the video section-and be very afraid)

A note of thanks 19.Nov.2004 13:25


This is a great post and great comments. I'm especially thankful for the link to theocracywatch.org.

This site is new to me, I'm watching one of the videos right now.