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Nader volunteers work on New Hampshire recount

Hi, this is Kevin Zeese, I'm here in Concord, New Hampshire with Rob Cirincione and Virginia Rodino and we're here for the New Hampshire recount of the Nader/Kerry/Bush race and it's just getting under way. There's a room full of people here. There's a lot of positive energy in the room. We've brought together more than twice the number of volunteers we need to manage the recount, to observe and make sure that the recount is done accurately. People feel very confident that we're going to make our democracy better and stronger. The media has started covering this. We've seen a lot of reports here in New Hampshire and even The Nation magazine, on their website, has an article about this New Hampshire recount. The Boston Globe was here, so I'm sure we'll see some coverage of this no matter how it turns out.
email, Nov. 18, 2004

I want to make it clear what the goal is in this recount. We're not here trying to overturn the election. We're doing basic democracy activism. We're trying to protect our democracy. This is more like an audit of the vote. We're seeking a recount in wards in New Hampshire where there have been mathematical anomalies, where people expected more votes for Kerry than Bush, and Bush got anywhere from 5 to 15% more votes than expected. When we look at those numbers it turns out that most of those anomalies occurred in wards where the vote was counted on the Diebold AccuVote Machine, in fact 78% of those unusual votes were on those machines. This is the first audit in a Presidential Election of an electronic voting count system so it's an historic moment. Either way it turns out it will be good for our democracy. If it turns out that there was no problem, it will show that these machines were reliable in this race, it will show that there's a positive role for audits and it will make the Democrats question further why they keep losing support-and I think there's good reason they're losing support. If it turns out there's a problem, well then we have a major national story involving electronic voting and raising questions that really need to be evaluated, as more and more of the country goes to electronic vote count.

So, we're here, fighting for democracy and would love to have your support and best wishes for our success in it. Please visit our website [ http://votenader.org] to get actively involved. This will be the first stage of the recount so we'll need more help as this goes forward. So, send your money, or call if you live in New Hampshire and would like to volunteer.

Thanks a lot.

Kevin Zeese
Campaign Spokesperson
(202) 265-4000

homepage: homepage: http://votenader.org

Nader-Camejo Hand Recount in New Hampshire Begins Thursday 18.Nov.2004 16:46

Nader campaign

Washington, DC: The Nader-Camejo hand recount in New Hampshire will begin this Thursday. Nader-Camejo requested recounts in 11 wards where the results seemed anomalous in their support for President Bush and where the votes were counted on optical scan machines - primarily the Diebold AccuVote Machine. This Thursday five wards in Manchester and Litchfield will be recounted. The remaining six wards will be recounted soon.

The Nader-Camejo campaign received more than 2,000 faxes from citizens concerned about the vote count who urged the campaign to request a hand recount in New Hampshire.

"Voters need to have confidence that their vote is being counted accurately. A hand recount of suspect results will either rule out the possibility of machine error or show a discrepancy between the machine and the actual vote count - either way voters need to know," said Nader. "Even in an election year with record turnout tens of millions of Americans did not vote. We need to give people a reason to vote and that begins with ensuring votes are counted accurately."

Voting-rights groups and others have identified trouble spots and irregularities in several states, including Ohio, meriting further investigation. The Nader-Camejo campaign is working with voting rights activists on these concerns.

"Turning over the counting of votes to corporations gives new meaning to the term 'corporate power,'" said Nader. "Three or four proprietary corporations being given the authority to count the vote on trade secreted software undermines the transparency of elections. With other obstructions and massive corporate campaign cash, they threaten the very foundation of our democracy - its elections."

nader 18.Nov.2004 16:55

king friday

something I've been considering is nader and kerry actually working against a recount. first I should indicate I'm not a kerry or a nader supporter,, and of course not bush, that goes without saying, or it should even though I just said it.

people have accused kerry of sitting on millions and not funding a recount. well, nader also sits on millions [he personally is a multimillionaire and his campaign certainly has plenty as well], and personally it looks as if he may have been working to sabotage an effective recount. consider for one where he filed the recount, in NH instead of ohio. also consider he almost blew it by not sending the check. seems fishy.

why instead, if he's what he seems to say he is and what people think he is for some reason, didn't he help fund the ohio recount which would have been effective. why did the greens have to scrape up the money. yes, I know it shouldn't cost anything, but that's not my argument.

also why as the third party candidate, who actually had media attention, didn't he make a public and continual argument against electronic voting. why was it left up to grassroots organizations with very little money and no mass-media attention to even bring it up.

in my opinion, nader is either a dangerous right wing shill working for the neos, or has become senile with blinding power over his followers. although I believe in the very least there should be multiple parties, nader was never the answer. if in power he wouldn't be able to run anything.

king friday 18.Nov.2004 17:28

George Bender

Your comments seem irrational to me. Your anti-Nader prejudice doesn't make any sense.

Nader personally has a few million dollars, but should not be expected to spend his own money on trying to clean up the American system of voting. His campaign has very little money left. When he spoke in Eugene, one of his Oregon organizers told us that the campaign was being financially "held together with paper clips." They're trying to raise money through their website to pay off the campaign.

The money Kerry is sitting on is campaign money, not personal funds.

I don't know why the Nader campaign decided to push, and pay for, a recount in New Hampshire rather than in Ohio, but you should be greatful that they are doing it. We need recounts in as many states as possible. Possibly they choose New Hampshire because the Greens and Libertarians were already working on the Ohio recount.

Nader did raise the issue of electronic voting in his campaign, along with many other issues. It is part of his platform. You can find it on his website at  http://www.votenader.org/issues/index.php?cid=32

what they're up against: vote fraud likely gone on since at least '88 in NH 18.Nov.2004 17:37


newswire article reposts united states 17.Nov.2004 18:24
corporate dominance | election fraud | political theory

Why Kerry afraid to speak on vote fraud? KERRY USED ES&S/DIEBOLD E-VOTE RIG TO OUST DEAN!
author: worthy repost

KERRY USED ES&S VOTE MACHINES TO RIG THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY PRIMARY IN NEW HAMPSHIRE, TO OUST DEAN, SEALING THE SKULL AND BONES'ERS IN EACH "PARTY." KERRY IS JUST AS GUILTY AS BUSH OF VOTE FRAUD. THAT IS WHY KERRY IS QUIET. Dean would have been the Democratic Party Ticket, legally,--until e-vote fraud came to the "rescue" for the aristocratic elites of the U.S. Moreover, did you know that VP George H. W. Bush won a wierd "unexpected upset" (due to e-vote machines?) in 1988 against Republican front runner Bob Dole. This happened in New Hampshire as well.


Kerry Beat Dean in New Hampshire by Only 1.5% When Computers Weren't Doing the Counting
author: Posted by: Dire Wolf
Welcome to the land of Skull & Bones, with the help of Diebold are Republic is now gone. The New World Order is here, what do you wanna do about it?
In the New Hampshire Democratic Primary, exit polls, which are seldom far wrong, indicated a very close race. The final vote was not close. A close race would have constituted a win for Dean, given expectations. There is serious reason to be dubious of computerized vote counting systems (see Verified Voting or Black Box Voting for details). Such systems were used in New Hampshire, especially those of Diebold, the company that has attracted the most controversy, so I decided to analyze the New Hampshire Democratic primary vote in terms of who was doing the tabulation.

. . .


New Hampshire recount 18.Nov.2004 17:39

Paladin paladin@dmci.net

Well, king friday, you're certainly entitled to your opinion, however wrong you may be. To be fair, you're partially correct, the Kerry campaign is sitting on millions of dollars. In fact, they're sitting on money specifically solicited from supporters for the very purpose of conducting recounts and mounting legal challenges arising from voting irregularlities.

The Ralph Nader campaign, however is NOT sitting on millions of dollars. Throughout this campaign, they've more or less been living off the land, passing the hat as they go. Throughout the course of the campaign, Nader managed to raise less than $4 million. Yes, he personally has a few million (I believe also around $4 million at last report). But surely you know that neither Nader nor Kerry can legally use their personal wealth for such activities?

You also seem to be unaware that Nader has regularly commented on the perils of electronic voting throughout the campaign. Since you didn't know this, perhaps Nader doesn't have such great "media attention," after all.

As for why he isn't participating in the Ohio recount, I can't say. You seem inclined to attribute it to some conspiracy on his part to subvert democracy. But the articles above clearly state that Nader's demand for a recount in New Hampshire is in direct response to specific requests made to his campaign. Also, (though I'm not quite certain how these things work) since the Democrats managed to keep him off the ballot in Ohio, he may not have legal standing to demand a recount, anyway.

non-sequitur 18.Nov.2004 17:40

Skull and Bones watch

"The money Kerry is sitting on is campaign money, not personal funds. "

He is quite authorized to use his campaign money in recounts as that is part of the election process. He choses not to. He never meant to win. He was a placefiller for ousting Dean and keeping the one party state of the United States on track, straddling and reigning both parties toward Armageddon.

"...or has become senile with blinding power over his followers..." 18.Nov.2004 18:55

alsis38 alsis35@yahoo.com

Yeah, KF. I took my vows five years ago. I'm now part of the Ralphcult. Every afternoon, I place upon my shaved head a rubber salt-and-pepper-hair "wig" and put on an old gray suit that's frayed at the cuffs. Then I stand downtown in Pioneer Square with my brothers and sisters doing the Sacred Chant of the Dead Corvair from my book of Psalms. Stop by sometime and say "hello" to we, the blinded "flock." Or is that "flinded block." Whatever. And don't forget to tithe !

Gevalt. [rolleyes]

I agree that Kerry probably is involved in voter fraud himself! 19.Nov.2004 09:57

Dr. Lora Chamberlain drlora@ameritech.net

I agree that Kerry being involved with election fraud himself is the only plausible explanation of his behavoir, the concession and after. That is why I have been telling everyone, recounts are not for Kerry's sake but for ours! We do not want any crooks, thieves or thugs in the White House, Democratic or Republican! When I talk to all the Reps and Senators that I have called in the last 2 weeks, I am almost through the Congressional roster, I say that, we want the truth what ever that is, if it leads to indictments in both parties so be it!!! If we end up with no president after the recounts then the House can appoint an interim President and we can prepare for real Democratic elections in 1 year utilizing paper ballots, with citizen counts at the precinct levels in a open transparent fashion! If it works in Canada then it can work here!!!! Dr. Lora Chamberlain in Chicago

Nader called for Ohio recount BEFORE Cobb and Badnarik 21.Nov.2004 03:22




And yes, of course Nader cannot himself file for a recount in Ohio because the DNC, DLC, Kerry, Kucinich, Dean, the AFL-CIO and SEIU, the Democrat rank and file, the left media including KBOO and Pacifica, Cobb and the Cobb-supporting fascist wing of the Green Party and a whole bunch of people who read and post on Indymedia sites around the country all helped make sure the Nader campaign could not file for a recount in Ohio by working in complicity with and/or condoning the Republican Sec of State Ken Blackwell's action to illegally remove Nader from the Ohio ballot, and only recognized candidates can file for recounts.


It's worth noting that in the Ohio statute governing recounts, it seems implied, but isn't explicitly stated, that anyone who receives even a single vote may file for a recount -- that wording appears explicitly in the paragraph on primary elections, but is absent from the one for general elections. The Nader/Camejo campaign did file suit on election day to try to force Republican OH Sec of State Ken Blackwell to count the write-in votes for Nader/Camejo, but the suit was dismissed. Forcing that write-in count would have arguably qualified Nader/Camejo under the statute to file for a recount. So Nader did everything he could to get in a position to file for a recount, and when he was blocked from the ballot, blocked from official write-in status, blocked from having write-ins counted, he came out right after the election denouncing the Ohio election as a sham and demanding Kerry file for a recount and take up the fight against the disenfranchisement of voters.


As for Nader not spending his personal funds on recounts, I suppose your goal in putting this out there is that you hope to convince people not to contribute to the Nader campaign, because you WANT to force Nader to tap even further into his personal reserves than he already has this year in order to carry on his campaign's work on the recounts. Now, why would you want to douse people's enthusiasm for supporting the Nader campaign financially, right when it is leading the fight top audit electronic voting machines and hold election officials accountable for widespread violations of voter's rights? Who, did you say, was working secretly for the Republicans?