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my email to u.f.p.j.

my email to united for peace and justice [u.f.p.j.] in response to their recent mass email asking for donations to continue their "fight"...

i appreciate your organization, and think you play an important role in the resistance. but i recently received an email from you asking for donations, and i have to say that while i donated last year, i will NOT be donating this year. i was in nyc for the republican national convention, and watched as u.f.p.j. caved into the city and turned one of the nations largest protests ever into a neutered self-defeating act. you were able to get more than 100,000 people into the streets to do what? to reach the "finish line" and have to listen to the loudspeakers say "it's all over folks, go home to your regular scheduled lives...blah, blah, blah". we are facing full blown facism in this country, and the federal government is murdering countless iraqis with our tax dollars. until u.f.p.j. takes a stronger stance and not the wattered down liberal reformist route, i will not be giving u.f.p.j. another cent.


an activist from the republic of cascadia