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Help bring RBG hip-hop to your local airwaves!

DJ Scene, who spins at Clear Channel-owned KUBE 93 FM, has done his part provide an opening for revolutionary hip-hop to hit the mainstream airwaves.
Peace all,

dRED-i has recently released a 3 track single called "Revolutionary Crunk Muzik: The Black Panther Party Meets Soul Train".

Silent Lambs Project (SLP) has a full-length LP out called "Street Talkin'...Survival". Jace, of SLP, also has a solo album out called "Red Scribes Pages".

Be sure to check out pages 41 and 71 of the latest issue of "The Stranger" (www.thestranger.com).

Alpha P just dropped a new 7 inch called "Westcoast Scavengers".

DJ Scene
cell: (206) 380-6235
2way:  djscene@tmail.com
mp3:  djscene@hotmail.com
web: www.dj-scene.com

Or go to www.kube93.com for the contact links and phone numbers for DJs Supa Sam, Eric Powers, and Karen Wild.

In order for this to work, it requires that folks commit to call and/or email DJ Scene or Kube 93FM a minimum of once a week.

If you're in Seattle on November 20th, come see SLP, dRED.i, Felicia V. Loud, and DJ Sean Malik LIVE at the Lo-Fi (439A Eastlake Ave E). You can also catch DJ Sean Malik TONIGHT on "Hip-Hop 101" on Seattle Community Access Network (SCAN) public access channel 29/77.

"There is no religion more relevant than reality"- dRED.i

phone: phone: 206-600-1307