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what's up with global indymedia site?

Is anybody else able to access the global indymedia pages beyond the main page?
While I have been able to access the global indymedia site, I can't get beyond the main page. What's up? Been going on for at least a couple of days. Also, the last article which appears on the openwire on the front page is dated 17-11-2004 05:48.


it was me again 18.Nov.2004 13:35

Mark McCarron

There are two remixes (Faithless and Binary Finary) based upon the Tzolk'in at the site.

They were being downloaded like crazy and the governments seem to under some delusion that by blocking access, no one will find out that the gregorian calander, induces a bio-rythm that turns humans into machines and distorts perceptions.

They are hiding the fact that reality is not real, but a complex illusion, which is proven by the Tzolk'in.

They are murdering off indiginous people who had this knowledge to make human beings slaves through fear and it is a policy that is thousands of years old, developed from some insane child killer who duped everyone into believing some child killing god existed and that there was a 'hell' were they would have power forever.

They are hiding that everything has been manipulated to keep humans in this state. CD's entrain the brain with multiples of the note A, this is known to impregnate thoughts, as it resonates with the human skull. Inducing psychosis to maximise profit and separate man from his heritage.

Your history is all crap.

Evolution is balls, it is a cross-section of distorted space.

Biology is full of shit, a gene is a harmonic of light at higher wavelengths, developed through a torus structure.

A human is 100% energy, meaning most of the human form is intangable and part of the Universe itself, a symbiotic relationship.

Most of the planet's population are clinically insane and demonstrate the inability to express nor understand straight-forward logic.

Most of the planet support being enslaved through capitalism, support governments known to lie, steal and murder.

Most claim to be religious, yet, support a war and then even claim that they have God's support in that war. Only if that God is a child killer.

Well, I have some fear of my own to share with them, they are not history's actors, but literally, the scum of the Universe.

The living word, will lose the plot with them soon enough and then they get to meet the 'TV people'...

We're here...

...and if you consider all the torture you are responsible for, I sure you will be well aware of how horrific this final retribution will be.

An event horizon of a shockwave this size, would become an eternal living hell, for any biological entity.

Perhaps they will get their ultimate wish, that the Sun really will shine out of their ass forever, whilst they experience every passing moment, as tens of thousands of years.

I AM WHAT I AM (Not what you think I am, Not what you say I am)
I WILL BE WHAT I WILL BE (Not what you think I will be, Not what you say I will be)

The basic definition of an individual.

Balance is for order, reference and learning.

Get a life, even death's got one.