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Mosh 2- Eminem releases video with new ending

"It is time for all people of conscience to call upon America, come back home, come home America. I call on Washington today, I call on every man and woman of good will all over America today, I call on the young men of America who must make a choice today. Take a stand on this issue, tomorrow may be too late. Come home America." -MLK
Cheney kicks it
Cheney kicks it
The first Mosh video took MTV by storm, rocketing to the top of the charts, it was a powerful call to the youth to get pissed off and do something about it- namely get out and vote. Now the evildoers have blatantly stolen the election and they expect us to lay down and roll over like the democratic 'leadership' ? To quote Eminem, "Fuck Bush! - until they bring our troops home, come on!"

Eminem's new version of the video has a new ending which is relevant to the fake election results. Rather than storming the capital to vote, the youth storm Congress during Bush's speech and make their voices heard.

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i love this video 18.Nov.2004 12:30

regular reader

i especially love it at the end as the are in the halls of congress and dennis kucinich is down in front clapping along, and the pro-choice activists harassing the supreme court.

i only wish that the people that are just watching because they love eminem would take this as an actionable item

Excuse me? 18.Nov.2004 13:37


Wasn't it partly the mobilized hordes of homophobic voters that helped spur this election's liberal loss?

And some liberals are still sucking "Hate fags? Answer's yes" Eminem's balls?

Sometimes I really do think we get what we deserve, and those are sad moments for me.

paying attention? 18.Nov.2004 15:05


The election was blatantly stolen!

To Mik 18.Nov.2004 16:24

It's called coffee, smell it?

Don't mourn, organize -- Mother Jones

Look, far be it from me to tell someone how to feel, but...I think you need to stop being sad and do something. Further, if we want to talk about queer issues, at least Eminem apologized. Where's the apology from Diane Feinstein for equating losing the election with lgbt marriage? That's what I want to know.

Awesome 18.Nov.2004 17:45


Ah.....nice! Haven't seen a political video that good since "Boom!"

And the caricatures were PERFECT...esp. Kucinich, Edwards and Cheney.

God I love rotoscoping...

Eminem Rules 18.Nov.2004 20:57

Adammonte9000 adammonte9000@aol.com

He's the best American lyricist of our time. This just shows you that the true "leaders" for change and challengers of the status quo aren't politicians, but the artists and the activists, etc.

Eminem's millons of records continue to encourage gender violence 19.Nov.2004 08:44


Indifference to gender rights is alive and well in Radicalville when a man who built his career on fanning flames of queer and woman hatred gets pats on the back and adulation as a "true leader".

I'm very familiar with his lyrics, and I don't think they're genius just because Rolling Stone and Spin keep saying so on their covers.

So Eminem 'apologized, that makes it okay TO CONTINUE with the fagbashing and jokes about raping lesbians and little girls? What's an apology if the offending behavior intesies but a bit of insincere, placating bullshit?

I know a teenager whose Eminem-loving brother has replaced her name with Bitch. I want Eminem to apologize to her. Maybe enduring such constant verbal assaults on her value as a woman won't inhibit her from becoming a true leader, but the evidence seems to show otherwise when it comes to who society helps make and dub 'true leaders'.

Eminem the best!! 04.Dec.2004 08:57


Hey buddy, Eminem has a right to say what he wants. That girls brother shouldn't be so stupid and either should you. You need to get a life and learn to understand that people shouldn't do or listen to everything he says. Hes not serious and he doesn't mean all of those things. He is the best at what he does, and no matter what he won't stop doing it. I think you need to aplogize to yourself for being such a critic. My dad loves eminem too, he knows its all for jokes, he doesn't get offended. Who cares what he says about fags, he has said it before, fag doesn't mean gay where he comes from, fag means just someone that is uncool. I wouldn't care if he was bashing them anyways. EMINEM IS THE MAN!!!