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election fraud post-selection actions

ActionSpeaks Portland announces a peaceful symbolic event Saturday

Democracy is dying
ActionSpeaks Portland announces a peaceful symbolic event:
Democracy is dying
This Saturday from 1:00-3:00pm

The election is not over. Make every vote count.

WHO SHOULD PARTICIPATE: Regardless of your political party
affiliation, you can participate showing your concern that our
democracy is being threatened by the lack of standards and
accountability in our national voting system. Help us to draw
greater public awareness of the electoral fraud issues and
irregularities that occurred November 2nd, 2004. We need to be our
own media - and spread the word!

You have two ways you can join us to spread the word:

----------------- Processional actors -------------------------------
Saturday November 20th - 1:00pm ***** 60 Participants NEEDED *****
Meet at Tribe Theater and Art Gallery at 403 N.W. 5th Avenue (Glisan
Street Entrance)

ATTIRE: Black attire with white face painted optional.
BRING: Written letters to the editor of the Oregonian expressing
your concern on the voting problems in the 2004 Presidential

----------------- Processional audience members --------------------
Saturday November 20th - 1:45pm ***** EVERYONE INVITED *****
Intersection of SW Jefferson and Park Avenue near the Oregonian.
We have a PA and request those interested in speaking and/or playing
music at sign up at this time.

ATTIRE: Normal clothing
BRING: Written letters to the editor of the Oregonian expressing
your concern on the voting problems in the 2004 Presidential

EVENT DETAILS: Processional actors dressed in mournful black attire
(black sheets ok) will arrive at SW Jefferson staging area with a
Black Box Casket at 2:00pm. At this time we will ask the community
to begin depositing their letters of concern into the casket.
Community discussions will follow after all of the letters have been
deposited. The Black Box Casket will then be carried to the
Oregonian (everyone follow!) we will return briefly to the SW
Jefferson area for celebratory words and inspiration!

Questions: Email  actionspeaks2004@yahoo.com or call 503-241-3388.

homepage: homepage: http://www.actionspeaksportland.org
phone: phone: 503-241-3388

changes 18.Nov.2004 11:22

pissed off voter

this event was originally planned for friday , so the word needs to be spread rapidly about the change to sat.

there is an event planned by clean vote on friday 18.Nov.2004 11:34


Clean Vote is picketing the oregonian on friday at 5pm

Two different events 18.Nov.2004 13:59


These are separate events. You can participate Friday or Saturday - preferably BOTH!

black attire/white face 18.Nov.2004 14:46


OK, I understand the symbolism of how mourning is often portrayed. But, why does the color black always have to represent "death". What about including grey, purple, or navy blue attire?
In some cultures, black is not the preferred color of mourning.
And the white (painted)face idea is really objectionable.
Let's be sensitive to color stereotyping (which can suggest racial stereotypes) in planning this kind of theater.
Why not have a casket, or many caskets? Have people walking very slowly with downcast faces, in complete silence, and even in regular street clothes and you will have an impressive demonstration.
Discipline is the thing.
Good luck!