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Looking for ways to vent our frustration with this stolen election.
Let's make the media uncomfortable.

There are lots of ideas being suggested on what to do because of another stolen election, my idea is protest in front of your local station or the networks including cable. Can you imagine Dan, Tom, Mike, Larry walking into work and have to go through pickets signs. I can see it now, signs saying things like,-------Punks for the Corporations, Stop selling your soul for a buck, Has anyone seen a journalist today-----this could be fun and you would not have to travel to DC----just find where your local station is located and spend an hr or so making them very uncomfortable?
Boycott their advertisers 18.Nov.2004 09:10


Boycott their advertisers! Especially the multinational brands-hit them where it hurts the most-in the dollar flow!

Saturday 1-3 pm Protest planned at Oregonian 18.Nov.2004 09:27


Hat in hand 18.Nov.2004 12:18

guess who

I cancelled my subscription to this rag and a few days later with their hat in hand the Boregonian called to ask why. "What was wrong with the paper?" Nothing I answered the newsprint is fine, it's the crap you print on it that stinks. He got the message. I also explained that he could be considered an enemy combatant at a war crimes trial for lying to the American people and causing the deaths of thousands, when he recognized he could personally suffer he did seem so happy. But denial will come to his aid.