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Why Kerry afraid to speak on vote fraud? KERRY USED ES&S/DIEBOLD E-VOTE RIG TO OUST DEAN!

KERRY USED ES&S VOTE MACHINES TO RIG THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY PRIMARY IN NEW HAMPSHIRE, TO OUST DEAN, SEALING THE SKULL AND BONES'ERS IN EACH "PARTY." KERRY IS JUST AS GUILTY AS BUSH OF VOTE FRAUD. THAT IS WHY KERRY IS QUIET. Dean would have been the Democratic Party Ticket, legally,--until e-vote fraud came to the "rescue" for the aristocratic elites of the U.S. Moreover, did you know that VP George H. W. Bush won a wierd "unexpected upset" (due to e-vote machines?) in 1988 against Republican front runner Bob Dole. This happened in New Hampshire as well.

Everyone knows that Kerry's father was high up in the CIA, just like Bush's father, right?

Everyone knows that Kerry covered up for Bush in the Iran/Contra Commission (and covered up for the Bush family in the BCCI investigation), right? The Iran/Contras commission was the "Kerry Commission." BCCI was (partially) investigated by Kerry as well.

Small world, eh? Kerry will avoid this like the plague, because he is part of the Bush family networks, and a beneficiary of vote fraud himself to get to the Democratic Ticket in 2004!
newswire article reposts united states 05.Feb.2004 11:27
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Kerry Beat Dean in New Hampshire by Only 1.5% When Computers Weren't Doing the Counting
author: Posted by: Dire Wolf
Welcome to the land of Skull & Bones, with the help of Diebold are Republic is now gone. The New World Order is here, what do you wanna do about it ?.
In the New Hampshire Democratic Primary, exit polls, which are seldom far wrong, indicated a very close race. The final vote was not close. A close race would have constituted a win for Dean, given expectations. There is serious reason to be dubious of computerized vote counting systems (see Verified Voting or Black Box Voting for details). Such systems were used in New Hampshire, especially those of Diebold, the company that has attracted the most controversy, so I decided to analyze the New Hampshire Democratic primary vote in terms of who was doing the tabulation. According to the New Hampshire Secretary of State's office there are three possibilities:

Some ballots are counted by Diebold machines.

Some ballots are counted by ES&S machines.

Some ballots are counted by hand.


come on Kerry supporters, where are you? 17.Nov.2004 19:14


The 'Kerry Democrat':
The 'Kerry Democrat': "I'm so excited! I can't wait to be sheared! Baa! Baa!"

You forgot to mention one thing 18.Nov.2004 04:10

Matt Marriott

Dean didn't expose the fraud. Yes, his role is to make credible that Kerry won. Just like Kerry's role was to make credible that Bush won.


Dean and Kerry were both undemocratic 18.Nov.2004 05:49

Bruce Marshall brmas@yahoo.com

Both Governor Dean and Senator Kerry participated in electoral discrimination against the Democratic Presidential campaign of Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr. who was never allowed to debate the other candidates even though he had more support from individuals than Kerry and many of the others according to the FEC. In fact a student organization at Dartmouth College in conjunction with former Surgeon General Koop had sponsered a debate on health care before the N.H. Primary. When it was heard that LaRouche had been invited, the College through its Rockefeller Center for Political affairs or foreign affairs made shure that the event was cancelled. There were many instances where Governor Dean was quite mean whenever asked about LaRouche during the campaign. The reason for this is that both Dean and Kerry are essentially banker's fetch boys, a fact that LaRouche would have exposed in any debate showing the true nature of their economic policies which would have been pure austerity measures to benifit of not the people but of the private banks, such as the Federal Reserve, whom are all bankrupt. Dean was good for coming out strongly against the war, he was not the first though, and his suppport for the occupation during the campaign revealed his complicity in the action. Well after all is said and done, LaRouche is again showing the leadership to fight against the NeoCon synachist fascist Coup. Democrats must wake up and hear his fighting message against "Perpetual War" which we are in, and the nature of the World Economic and finacial crisis, that can only be prevented through an FDR style commitment to the General Welfare. His calls to put the IMF, World Bank, Federal Reserve and its minions into bankruptcy reorganization is the first step in stopping the predatory parisitism of these lone sharking operations as they engage in genocide against countries around the globe from Mexico to Argentina, etc. LaRouche's call to impeach Cheney was the right tactic to which the Democrats were to wimpy to go after. Now think about the inditment of Cheney, Tom Delay and the rest of the "Childen of Satan". Fist it is imperative that Alberto Gonzales not be allowed to become Attorney General. Lets see some fillabustering Dems.

FREEDOM SOUGHT 18.Nov.2004 11:56

freedom seeker

Talking to many people, ovehearing what is being said in pubs,and restaurants, the large majority of people are just fed up - fed up working at two or three jobs just to pay the bills and send the kids to school, fed up paying taxes which are given out to corporations as bail outs or free interest loans, fed up with the lack of appropriate health car,poor public transportation, fed up with the poor education system which pushes nothing by the business lack of ethics and other mixed messages, fed up with the mixed messages concerning the state of the planet, fed up with fishy elections and what is more and more current, people are fed up with the media that they cannot trust anymore.

FED UP" appears to be the stop word followed by the cliche: "what can you do?"

It seems that there is a general burnt out attitude. There is no uplifting leadership which should come from the educated and the labour movement.

So does this all spell doomsday? Perhaps not. As long as there is a sentiment that was is wrong and that killing innocent women and children is not civilized, there is still some hope for the planet.
Therefore, it is up to the youth whose future is at stake to energize the opposition to corporate fascism and its wars.


interesting angle 18.Nov.2004 11:56

theresa mitchell

This seems quite possible, in my analysis. I would like to see even more information; in the meantime, I look forward to all the muck we can possibly rake about election fraud generally. At the least, we can expose the false 'majority' (who were reacting to propaganda anyway) and aid in delegitimizing the Bush corporate oligarchy.

What did you expect? 18.Nov.2004 12:05


I said from the beginning that Dean was assassinated by the NWO. They had to have Kerry run against Bush so that they could guarantee that Bush would win. Dean would have asked too many embarrassing questions.

Try to understand... this goes way beyond the trumped up right/left political divide. More and more people are waking up to the "level one" conspiracy. Bush and the white house cabinet people are corrupt. Level One. The republicans stole the election. Level one.

The problem is that many cannot get to level two: The democrats (Kerry) are also puppets. They simply play a different role in the grand illusion. Dean was not a puppet. Neither was Kucinich. They could not be allowed to stand up to Bush. It was OK for them to fight amongst themselves in the primary, but once free to focus their energy on the Bush administration, A Ham sandwich would have exposed the puppets for what they are.

Once we lost a free press, an educated citizenry (There is absolutely NO reason that even people of below average intelligence shouldn't know basic math, science, philosophy and civics) and the ability to effect change in government ... what would expect to happen to our free nation?

Tyranny. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. The penalty for failure to pay that price is tyranny.

Matrix anyone 18.Nov.2004 12:48


You can take the Blue Pill and except the results and ignore voting fraud and understand the NWO is going to be part of your life and that terrorists are here to stay and keep on watching CNN/FOX.

You can take the Red Pill and prepare yourself for the coming nightmare of a worldwide Holocaust. You will need Food,Water and Defense and a really sneaky way to avoid that implantable chip. Anyone want to see pictures of a crematorium in Indianapolis built to dispose of hundreds of Bodies at a time? How about pictures of railcars designed to transport dissenters to this place?

Which pill you going to take?

Nuclear Destruction of Humanity 18.Nov.2004 13:50

Patrick Sullivan pjrsullivan@netzero.net

The Thermonuclear War Criminals have repeatedly attempted to get WWIII underway, and have had their hands tied by an unknown group of high level operators. This group of operators we generally refer to as ET.
This is the reason why the facts about ET are classified, "Above Top Secret."
Everything from our Hag Holy men to our phoney politicians and our rigged and fraudulent voting machines, are going out the window.

Read more at  http://politicsofet.com

Where's the proof? 18.Nov.2004 15:38


The little box with vote tallies on your article says that e votes are used in urban areas, more than rural, hence the 6% difference in Kerry totals by hand, vs. by e vote. Obviously we can't conclude much by what you show, here. So, the urban vote would surely be more Kerry, as it is nationwide. Secondly, Kerry was the only one, the most outstanding Senator to go after both Iran Contra crimes and BCCI. You've got your facts reversed on that on. BCCI was so deep in crime (CIA dirty $, probably black budget tech laundering, Saudis and more) that Kerry alone couldn't get to the bottom of it. Even if he'd subpoenaed records, he would only have gotten the shell, cover story.

Nice try though! that's not what the data show 18.Nov.2004 17:24


quote: " The little box with vote tallies on your article says that e votes are used in urban areas, more than rural,..."

Actually, it says that if there is an expectation of the urban-predominant vote machines mattering, you would see differences between the top column (all votes) and the lower column (below 20,000 in population, less likely to have machines). However, there is hardly any changes, note, so the idea of the urban variable is succesfully "blocked" as they say as an independent variable, and thus meaningless to the matter at hand. Therefore, that argument can be dismissed.

Second, you would expect to see durable sway across all five candidates regardless of what counted them.

This was not the case. This means that the vote machines themselves are the variable in question that matters, instead of the "blocked" urban variable.

Third, furthermore the vote machines only curiously mattered in reversing the same number of votes and more curiously, only in two selected candidates: Kerry and Dean. The only switch within the vote machine variable was the 5% jump in the Kerry e-votes column under treatment by ES&S and Diebold machines, and a 5% drop in Dean e-votes by ES&S and Diebold.

Fourth, when hand counted, Kerry and Dean come out about the same. Thus, further strenghening the variable of the ES&S and Diebold machines as the independent varialbe responsible for changing the vote totals between Kerry and Dean.

Fifth, note all other three candidates columns are identitical regardless of treatment of what counted them.

The switch of 5% was only between Kerry and Dean, and only under the treatment of ES&S and Diebold machines.

Sixth, at least in ES&S its executives are connected to organized crime and felonies in OVER A DOZEN STATES.

Daniel Hopsicker 17.11.2004 13:11
BIG FIX 2004, pt.1: Convicted Felons, 'Shadowy Financiers' Own E-Vote Co.'s ES&S & Sequoia

An investigation into the surprisingly-sordid history of America's election services industry has revealed that executives and owners of the two largest companies, ES&S and Sequoia Pacific, have been convicted of bribery and suborning public officials in more than a dozen states. ***While a felony conviction may be enough to prevent you from voting in Florida, convicted felons can take heart in the fact that the blemish on their record in no way disqualifies them from owning companies counting the votes.*** --- Through multi-billion dollar federal subsidies, electronic voting has been pushed onto the American electorate. And its not hard to see why... the heady prospect of a sure thing. But America may never again have an honest Presidential election. Former Manhattan Commissioner of Elections Douglas Kellner told the MadCowMorningNews, "The problem is that, with an electronic voting system, you can never be sure that the vote is being recorded the same way it was cast. Because the only record is done electronically, there is no paper audit trail. "And any good computer person can alter the electronic record." --- Most Americans, if they think about it at all, expect that the people standing behind the voting machines on which their votes are cast and tallied look like computer experts wearing white lab coats from IBM. Nothing could be further from the truth....[read this!]...Investigating the ownership of the two companies that together dominate the American elections industry reveals evidence of routine and systemic bribery of public officials, not just here but overseas (the recent Prime Minister of Ireland, to give just one example.)

Kerry choosed by republicans 19.Nov.2004 09:57


I think Kerry has been "choosed" by republicans to win the election, as they didn't want to run against Dean...

It is all a very bad "B" Movie Folks...... 21.Nov.2004 15:00


You guys are all sooooo close. The one thing you definitely have right is that the election was rigged, all sides. No doubt about that. In fact they have all been rigged going all the way back to George Washington. Different names, different families, different parties........same agenda. One World Government, One World Army (NaTO), One World Religion, One World Currency and a Micro-Chipped Population that is extremely easy to control. These people are very committed to the "agenda" and have been for generations.

In order to fix things we HAVE to fire everyone top down and start over from scratch. No way around it. These guys/gals are dug in way too deep for us to just fire the top guys and the problem will go away. It will not. Ever. Unless we get rid of everyone who is a member of Skull & Bones, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergers, Bohemian Grovers, Freemasons, JW's, Mormons, Moonies, Church of Satan and any other secret society whose private agenda effects our lives and the live of our children. Each of these organizations fuses at the top into one giant steering committee. And inside that steering committee there is another one and another one. So the only way to get rid of the symptoms is to get rid of the root cause......interbreeding bloodlines who belong to these private organizations. I see no other way.

The website I have attached spells it out pretty clear. Have a read and pass it on.

Karl Rove 21.Nov.2004 15:19


The author of this article is probably too young to remember, but it is the republicans that are the old pros at stealing DNC primaries. Remember Watergate ? Nixon wanted George McGovern to be his challenger. The stolen primary does not appear to be a Kerry operation, but rather a Karl Rove operation instead. Karl wanted the challenger to be Kerry, because he would fail to energize the democratic base like Howard Dean would have. Karl was probably amazed at the strength of the "anyone but Bush" campaign, because Kerry was still winning, and they had to steal the election in Ohio and Florida.

Bad "B" Movie 22.Nov.2004 08:09

Wake Up People !

Doesn't sound like a bad "B" movie too me.

I sounds more like the rabid right wing dogma dreamed up by Alex Jones' "Passion of Christ" induced psychotic dementia.

Alex Jones (infowars.com) is Crazy !
And so are his theories.

Michael Ruppert agrees !

kerry bush vote fraud the real story!!! 22.Nov.2004 17:06

john lewis justicecolt@yahoo.com

The vote for president of the US is supposed to be with the State Reps.
The American people do not vote for the leader of the US (aka Congress, aka Washington DC, evil)...

Upon "instituting the suffrage movement", the evil powers that be, did away with the American Republic and made it clear that ALL people should vote for the president, etc...
That was never a question! All Americans had the right to elect their state reps and congressmen...

Once again, by playing husbands against wives, (man against woman) the "shadow gov't." as many of us call them, did away with freedom and created a nation of crybabies and union employees. They then allowed Americans to vote away our freedom.
BY VOTING and thus registering as a US citizen, you give up your rights... Congress cannot make any law that abbrogates the rights of a free American born man or woman, but they MAY regulate any and all US citizens.

No machines were used in the Iowa Caucuses 23.Nov.2004 02:30

Carolyn Kay caro@makethemaccountable.com

Sorry, but no machines were used in the Iowa Caucuses.

Carolyn Kay

Diebold used in Iowa Caucuses 22.Apr.2006 15:36

D. Douglas

Breakdown of the Iowa Caucus Voting system. All but TWO Iowa counties use Diebold or ES&S machines for primaries:


Deja vu 11.Jan.2008 10:32

Matt Marriott

(4) Short after Obama has his most important line in script (5), all truth threads moved to a more or less hidden subforum of DU, the Democratic Party forum (6). Again just a repetiton of what happened at that site immediately after Kerry and Moore were the first to congratulate Bush for the 2004 victory.
(5) Obama congratulates Clinton on New Hampshire win: "I want to congratulate Sen. Clinton on a hard fought victory here in New Hampshire. She did an outstanding job -- give her a big round of applause"

(6) New Hampshire primary 2008 - The Facts in the forum of the Democratic Party
Warning..... Do Not Adjust Your Set.... Follow the numbers from our DIEBOLD servers...
 http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=view_all&address=203x490640 Jan-09-08 01:40 AM althecat