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Issue #2 of the Firebrand Out Now

The second issue of the firebrand, a rank and file working people's newspaper is out. Copies of the paper can be found at cafes, union halls, and on the picket line. Come and support the Firebrand newspaper at our upcoming benefit. And don't forget about the Perry Center Strike, November 29th (monday) all day at 34th and SE powell. Nothing's too Good for the Working Class Brunch
[ Saturday, December 11th, 11 am to 2 pm, Liberty Hall 311 N. Ivy, $5 a Plate, Mixed Drinks $2 ]

Firebrand Interviews a Perry Center Rank n' File Militant

Firebrand: What is your position at the Perry Center for Children?
Todd: I'm a maintenance worker, which is kinda a catch all term for somebody who takes care of the facilities. This means I garden, paint, and fix anything if it breaks; if something goes wrong we're the ones dealing with it.