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Indymedia.org Disabled By Firewall

Indymedia.org has been be disabled by what appears to be a firewall, rather than a fault.

Tests from both UK and www.dnsstuff.com both fail to access the site.
Any information?
works for me 17.Nov.2004 14:41


dunno...works for me

its BT 17.Nov.2004 16:41


Certain aspects such as the newswire cannot be accessed on BT broadband in the UK. BT has been using its filter system to prevent access, numerous anomolies with their DNS have been detected, even the removal of reverse dns lookups.

MI6 and the CIA are having a shit fit with the Tzolk'in material being public. I noticed that the have used the Tzolk'in to assist in the development of 'First Light'.

I must remind the US that the Tzolk'in is based upon resonance and their equiptment has the weakness of resonant destruction. Bush, you're a moron, I let you integrate the Tzolk'in into weaponary, before I mentioned this minor problem.

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I could take you out with my Hi-Fi.

That goes for the entire planet. I hope Russia is paying attention.

Try to grasp the amount of knowledge I have shared on this, then accept that you are now only aware of less than 1% of the entire picture.

To do anything, other than speak the truth about this, is to take an active stance in opposition.

Go ahead, punk, make my day...

i cannot access it beyond the main page 18.Nov.2004 07:10


For what it is worth, I still can't access the main indymedia site beyond the main page. I couldn't yesturday either.