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Disastrous Copyright Bill Being Proposed

A bill being proposed in the Senate - HR2391 - is being pushed by the movie and recording industry to fight piracy, but will ultimately hurt us all. Corporations 1, People 0.
Full Proposed Bill
Full Proposed Bill
The proposed bill - HR2391 - is a package of 8 separate bills designed to combat piracy. But this is just one more Orwellian step against Free Speech and freedom in general. Ever read a reposted article on Common Dreams, ever download something on a peer-to-peer network, ever fast forward your rented movie to get past the ads and previews? All of the above could become illegal if HR2391 passes. What if you digitized your entire music collection into MP3s [a music collection of CDs which you BOUGHT], and that collection amounted to more than 1000 songs and you shared that collection to the world via a peer-to-peer network like Bearshare or Kazaa? Well, under HR2391, you could face up to 5 years in prison! Ever record a music concert for your own enjoyment later?

This legislation also seeks to undo centuries of the "fair use" principal that allows citizens to use small samples of copyrighted material as long as it is not used for profit.

This is one more example of how our Federal government is nothing more than a tool for Corporate interests. Both Republicans and Democrats support the bill. And who is stepping up to fight the bill? Well, not surprisingly, many Libertarian and Conservative [as in true "small government" conservatives, not the wacko "neocons" or religious wingnuts] organizations have joined the fight against this bill. Stacie Rumenap, the deputy director of the American Conservative Union, stated, "It just plain turns the Justice Department into Hollywood's private law firm."

You have been warned...

Read, Learn, Act NOW!

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