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Kucinich Supports Green Party Demand For Ohio Recount

Support for Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb's demand for a recount of the Ohio presidential vote continues to grow. Ohio Congressman and former presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich has joined a growing list of individuals and organizations calling for a recount. On Monday, Common Cause, the National Voting Rights Institute, Demos, the Fannie Lou Hamer Project and People for the American Way Foundation issued a joint statement in support of the Cobb and Badnarik demand for an Ohio recount.

Kucinich expressed his appreciation of the growing movement demanding accountability for the 2004 election. "Thank you to the Greens and all others whose support for a recount will rescue a shred of honesty in the conduct of the 2004 Ohio election," said Kucinich.

"We need an election system and election officials we can trust. The problems in Florida in 2000 and the problems in Ohio in 2004 will repeat themselves in 2008 unless we do something about it. Our elections should be administered by an independent non-partisan commission, and not by the state chairs of the Republican presidential campaign," said David Cobb.

Petition Oregon US Legislaters at truthinvoting.org
A group of about 100 activists in Eugene Oregon have formed a focus group to assist in organizing local efforts to support investigation into US Voter Fraud. We have tentatively decided to call ourselves "truthinvoting.org" and have set up a website with an online petition at http://www.truthinvoting.org

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