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Please rise for President Rice

More than any other potential candidate, Condoleeza Rice has the best chance of becoming this Nation's first woman President.
More than any other potential candidate, Condoleeza Rice has the best chance of becoming this Nation's first woman President.

From her beginnings in East Palo Alto, she got a PhD at Stanford, has a solid background in the oil business, knows "The Bush Agenda" as if she wrote it. Served as National Security Advisor and now possibly as Secretary of State. Who better to run with the GOP ball than her?

The GOP has more control of all three branches of government than it has had in a long time. And with the incumbent backing her, only if The Arnold manages a Constitutional coup, she could be the one to beat.
Um, this is Indymedia, not Rush Limbaugh's website 17.Nov.2004 07:46


A corporate/fascist Neocon is not exactly the best choice for the first female president.

President? try patsy 17.Nov.2004 09:01


Nope, this is the setup.

Get rid of the players. tenet,Ash, pow, rum, cheney...elevate her to sec. state. The shit hits the fan, all new players who had nothing to do with anything. Except the national security advisor. Bush turns and points the finger at her for failures of 9/11.

Just a theory, but it's shaping up to be something...I can't quite see yet. I would need to see the resignation of rumsfeld, then a "heart condition" from cheney...and this gives more validity. Bush ain't goin' down...people WILL throw themselves to the lions...only to return with more power, or more money, or a spot on some secret investment firm.

Who becomes VP if cheney steps down?...is it a presidential appointment? or a move up from the ranks. This VP, could pardon the president, if he does go down...happened the same way with Nixon.

10-15 years from now, she'll be like Oliver North, from criminal...to tv talking head. Patsies get rewarded sooner or later.

Um...different opinion 17.Nov.2004 09:08


a) Indymedia = open publishing. That means if someone wants to post a right-wing diatribe, they are free to do so.

b) This is not a right-wing diatribe. It is an opinion/analysis piece. G says that Rice has the best chance of becoming the nation's first woman President. Not that she would be a good president, that G would vote for her for president, or that she would have policies G would agree with. Her/his mentioning of Rice having a solid background in the oil business indicates, to me, that G is also looking at the gross reality of presidential politics today: strong corporate ties help you become president. Presumably, he/she isn't saying that having strong connections to the oil industry is actually a *good* ethical quality of a candidate, right?

In any case, I don't think Rice has that chance. For one thing, I can't think of any time in this century that a cabinet member has gone on to become president. She's never (as far as I know) held an elected position. There hasn't been anyone elected since Kennedy who has served as less than a governor or vice president. If Kerry had won the electio, he would be the first senator in over 40 years to gain the presidency (that is, there have been presidents who were senators, but they were either governors or vice presidents after their senatorial stints).

Plus, I do not think you could overcome both racism and sexism in a single race.

I do think, as female candidates go, Rice probably has more chance than many. If she ran for governor of a state after serving with Bush, she probably has a good chance of winning (depending on how this administration pans out). So, she might be a ready candidate in ~8-12 years if she goes the gubenatorial route. At that point, however, she may not be attractive enough (depending on how she ages) to be elected. That may sound exceptionally sexist/ageist/superficial, but the first female elected in this country will have to be attractive (but not model attractive) to overcome the misogynist bias.

My son will run for President in '32 17.Nov.2004 09:14


Let's live in the moment. Speculation about 2008 and beyond is just a waste of time.

I can't believe I'm even responding to this. I"m going to go enjoy the morning fog.

can you say "Dear Leader?" 17.Nov.2004 11:04


Dr. Rice's specialty, aside from what she may know about Big Oil, is that she's a Soviet expert. There's a double entendre there, but this fact can't and certainly won't be overlooked. It is assumed in corporate media, if they comment on it at all, that Comrade Rice's expertise on Soviet matters is somehow antiquated or not useful in this new age of terror, (another double entendre). But we know Rice, or at least we like to think we know something about her, i.e. that she can't be trusted. Her knowledge of Soviet statecraft should not be overlooked, for many reasons which I can't get into here.

As to the comment that she wouldn't be able to overcome sexism, racism, or image to become president--I think those are only three among dozens of reasons why she won't be the next president. Sure, they might be valid, but my next door neighbor is a woman, and SHE's not going to be president in 08 either, and I don't think it's just because she's a woman. In other words, I don't think that the Czechs hated Reinhart Heydrich just because he was tall, blonde, and scary. Whatever that means.

It happened in England 17.Nov.2004 12:04


Thatcher got the support of conservatives and appealed to all women when she took over Britain. She was the nastiest fascist bitch ever elected in that country.

Thatcher ain't no bitch 17.Nov.2004 12:26


oh come on,

Thatcher was the most successful (electorially-speaking), nastiest fascist Britain as ever elected, sure

but drop the "bitch" huh, else the male politicos are what?

dogs, dicks, fuckers?

What are you Fletcher? Bitch? Dick? Felon? A politician? ;7)

Where are the tubes, President Rice? 17.Nov.2004 12:33


I can see it.She will take the oath of office from chief justice Clarence Thomas atop a mound of 500 Arab skulls: 100 from Iraq, 100 from Syria, 100 from Sudan, 100 from Yemen, 100 from Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan, and then seat herself on a throne made of gleaming polished-aluminum tubes...

misogyny would cancel out 17.Nov.2004 14:43

like the rich-guy skull&bones factor ...

The Two Official Parties may find it convenient to run Condi and Hillary against each other.

To Toblerone 17.Nov.2004 15:00


G is obviously saying we should support Rice for president: look at the title of the piece. And I'm saying G should take this fascist trash and post it elsewhere (among fascist, corporate, selfish and mindless types, such as those who look to people like Rush Limbaugh for opinions and "analysis" {which many of them need desparately}). Sure, G has every right to publish it here, and I have every right to express my opinion in response.

To Hell with the Chief 17.Nov.2004 15:13


Registered in the The Bahamas
Renamed "Altair Voyager" When She Was Appointed NSA

No, actually Toblerone is correct 17.Nov.2004 18:01


It was one of those half awake-half asleep thoughts you get first thing in the morning. At least I do anyway.

As to why an expert on Soviet relations would be in such a position with this administration is easy. Consider the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and Central Asia, the largest untapped oil reserve in the world. The Soviets couldn't hold it due to the unexpected rise of the mujuhadeen and the Islamic revival. See Ahmed Rashid's brilliant book on the Taliban for specifics.

You think Dr. Rice didn't learn from the Soviet failure and could help the Bush administration in the implementation of their imperialist policy? Which is what it is, really. Why the GOP have such a 'Denial of Empire' is beyond me. More and more I feel that the word "Freedom" used today in American political policy has become what the word "Justice" was in South Africa or Northern Ireland. Another name for subjugation. In the name of Freedom we see our troops literally commit murder on TV, then the corporate news spins justify it with "it's part of a stressful job" analysis.

But I digress. Margaret Thatcher. Indira Ghandi. Golda Meir. Conservatives all. I don't think Hillary Clinton has a chance in 2008 because her husband will be a very big albatross around her neck. Remember Geraldine Ferraro?

first woman president? 17.Nov.2004 18:26


woman? are you sure? show me the evidence, sounds like speculation to me...

Woman as US prez 17.Nov.2004 21:22


The likelihood of getting a woman as president in this country anytime soon seems slim to me indeed. For one thing, we don't even have an equal rights ammendment, so as a country we barely try to even pretend that we give a shit about gender equality. Sure, other nations have had woman leaders. It's not that uncommon. But here??? It's especially unlikely since so many U.S. voters are part of the Christian Right (Christian Wrong) and believe a woman's place is in the home.

the spectacle circus 17.Nov.2004 22:39


but imagine the spectacle. the sensationalism of a woman on woman match. think mud wrestling 2008

but really, i think the propagnada machine pumps out this sensational stories to keep us all distracted. it makes you wonder about the rabbit in that hat.

o awoman president would be just the thing america wold produce to boast about its equality and rights. but we all know it would be a sham and those woman chosen would not represent us anymore than the men that now represent us. they would be puppets with a big-business agenda

as for equal rights for woman. does that mean we all have the right to try to be high-powered ass-holes like the select few. and maybe if we lie enough, are willing to hurt,neglect,and betray life and our sacred duties to protect - we too can be equal with men. we all can spend our lives at the office, pay someone to raise our kids and maintain our existences now?

but probably even then we're unlikely to be able to become anything more than discardable wanna-bes for people whoown us because they pay us. then when we are no longer useful- throw us away.

i would rather stay in the home because i believe it is the only way live a sustainable lifestyle that is respectful to the earth and does not exploit my fellow human beings as slaves responsible for taking care of all my food and hygiene needs. why should someone else have to clean up after me. why should someone else have to raise my children. poor orphans.

it doesnt seem fair to a lot of people to be "successful"
i wish the men would consider equal rights washing the toilet for once in their lives. or cooking breakfast for a hungry baby at six in the morning. now that is real ewssential work that MUST be done. can you really say the saME ABOUT YOUR JOB

the bigger the albatross 18.Nov.2004 00:37

the better

Bill Clinton is still the most popular politician in the country. If he could run again he'd stomp Bush's ass just like he stomped his daddy's ass, just like he ran supposed "prime minister" Gingrich off the Speaker's chair and out of office, even with the other party in charge of the House. Republicans hate him, of course, but he's smart enough to know that's not the point. Oh yeah, remember smart? Remember having somebody in the White House who could run three words together in a coherent sentence without a scriptwriter and a speech therapist? Finding a nominee that the other party is going to like is definitely not the point. The Repubs are certainly not concerning themselves with nominating people Dems like, and it's working great for them ...