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Who gave you the write to kill us?

If you haven't seen Dahr Jamail blog, writing, and photos, he just went back to Iraq, want a dose of truth?
When you encounter that "freedom loving patriot", you make sure you tell them what freedom is under the Bush regime in Iraq. It's war crimes. That's it, plain and simple. No argument. Don't fall for the "they are terrorists, war crimes do not apply".

What you need to understand, is that Bush had every intention of committing war crimes, as such, Gonzalez, you know, his new appointement...had recommended that the US place AQ and Taliban outside of the protection of the geneva convention.

"That would keep American officials from being exposed to the federal War Crimes Act, a 1996 law that carries the death penalty."

Now you see why, AQ HAS to be in IRAQ, there MUST be a tie between them, and insurgents must be terrorists led by one-legged Zarqawi(who is reported dead), or someone is looking at the death penalty for war crimes. The enemy keeps changing, OBL will never be caught, especially alive(if he's not dead already).

Have you noticed all the people being kidnapped just happened to be against the US occupation. Why would terrorists kill people that can help their cause? To send a message...what kind of message, terrorists are ruthless killers? I thought terrorist were fighting for freedom, wether you agree or not, makes no difference...that's what THEY say. But once you realize that the people of Iraq are not terrorists and the insurgents are not terrorists, but Iraqi people...then you must assume that they would kill humanitarian aid workers to further their cause. No this doesn't make sense does it.


1)Iraq invades the US
2)We resist
3)International red cross comes to assist the wounded and suffering
4)We kidnap and kill them to do what...?????? Force the aid workers out? or journalists?

The only other "reason", could be crime lords kidnapping for money. Then killing doesn't help, does it? Sell to the highest bidder?...ok that works, but who is the highest bidder? Terrorists? Insurgents? or Iraqi people looking to kill aid workers and journalists?

Another scenario is propaganda, scaring americans into not wanting to come to Iraq. The problem with that is...allot of the kidnappings have been Iraqi people...scholars, journalists, aid workers, etc. So this doesn't cut it either...unless it's American propaganda.

The Iraqi national alliance, a resistance group, has declared resistance to the occupation, under the UN-Charter article 51, again...you don't have to agree, but this does protect them from war crimes and attrocities, I would think. The only way out of this for the US, is to claim terrorists or kill all the resistance untill they shut up.

I would like to hear another analysis, because when you read through dahr's postings and see the pictures. There's not much you can say to counter this argument. Except stick your finger in your ears and pretend it's not true.

<img src=" http://dahrjamailiraq.com/gallery/albums/album16/Sabah.jpg"><p>

"The Americans came thousands of kilometers to invade Iraq and kill people, and they should now be punished. Who gave you the right to kill us? "

Read Dahr's blog and make your assesment.