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Rally and March Eugene, Oregon

Eugene Rally Against Warcrimes in Fallujah
Please meet us for an emergency demonstration against the atrocities being committed by the US occupying forces in Iraq. By now many of us have heard some of the terrifying reports of civilians murdered in Fallujah, with aid being withheld, and hundreds of civilians dead, and the entire city suffering the ravages of occupation and bombing.

Where: Eugene Courthouse, 7th and Pearl Downtown

When: Saturday November 20th, 1PM

What: Nonviolent Rally and Protest to voice our opposition to the massacre in Fallujah

Please come and bring signs and help us come together as a community in solidarity with the people of Iraq. Let bring our troops home now, not one more Iraqi death, not one more dead US soldier, US out of Iraq now! Bring your friends, bring your neighbors, let everyone know.

Please let me know if you are interested in distributing flyers and helping to organize.
Ron Smith
siempre recordamos nuestr@s caid@s, rachel corrie y wilfredo palacios presente
Thanks for the info 17.Nov.2004 08:28

cascadian in eugene

I'll be there. Wearing green for Cascadia.