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Prophecy Nov 17 : One final message to the Resistance

In closing
I have decided that I have done all I can, and what needed to be done, and I will now be gone, to await the conclusion of this business in silence.

Before I go I thought I would share a story with you. Last night I posted a message to the Pentagon, on the dishonor in America's armed forces. Now let me share some secret info with you, the inside story as it were. There were some kind of CIA or Pentagon spooks monitoring my activities, which, when you are a revolutionary like myself, I suppose you would expect. What they did not expect was that really loud roaring from heaven. You see, I was having a chat with my God, and my God was roaring. And then when I asked how much time was left, was it until the conclusion of the battle of Fallujah, that was when there was this huge roar followed by this strange huffing sound, almost like breath exhaling. So I posted the message immediately, and it was at the same time that this frantic buzzing, long, repeated buzzing on my door buzzer began, which I knew was some American spooks, and which I knew was the result of the particularly fierce roar which came in response to my question about Fallujah, and the amount of time left. Then came the night of the long knives, for when you send spooks to my place, and they hear that fierce roaring coming from heaven, well I imagine that they head back to Washington to spread the news that something really big is up, and this causes problems, which causes heads to roll in Washington.

So then I thought I would share this interesting information with everyone, since I do not believe in keeping things top secret and just feel that everyone and anyone can know. And I will point out that the fierce roar that got those agents frantically buzzing my buzzer was the answer to my question about whether or not this was going to be concluded by the time that battle for Fallujah is completed, and you there, in Washington, can talk to those rattled agents of yours, and they can tell you that the answer was a very fierce, affirmative YES. And that battle of Fallujah is winding down now, which means there is little time left before Allah will be stirring up some trouble in Iran, easy enough to do when you consider that fierce roaring, and then these forces will be entering Iraq and this time it is the Iranians who will have the overwhelming air power. You can ask your agents about that overwhelming air power, since they would be able to estimate just how effective that will prove to be.